To dream of a bomb explosion — dream interpretation

Bomb a symbol of war, pain and suffering. Almost every dream about the bomb, the interpretation bears a negative charge. Dreaming of weapons of this kind are always warned of the impending danger.

dream interpretation bomb

What will the dream, if you dream bomb

Oriental dream book

To threaten in the dream somebody the bomb – until the breakup, loneliness. A dream about falling bombs portends a breakdown of the planned activities, failures in all endeavors. To hear the explosions, feel the blast wave to the disclosure of the plans of detractors.

Idiomatic dream book

In this dream of a bomb says: sleeping awaiting news that would shatter his imagination. Stepping on the bomb in a dream – to negative situations. Dream of exploding a bomb warns the dreamer about the impending danger in the form of disease, disaster, moral humiliation.

A modern dream book

The vision of the bomb marks the receiving of important information that may later harm the health of the dreamer. To closely examine the atomic charge – to the future of the psychological impact of a negative nature. The gap of the atomic bomb in a dream foretells a conflict with the head, not hard to solve, as well as the dismissal on this ground. Observation of how the aircraft in the sky trying to Dodge flying bombs, sleeping promises of becoming an involuntary witness of an unpleasant situation.

Women’s dream book

A dream about a bomb, whether nuclear or conventional, provides the following definition: for women, a phenomenon similar subject portends a futile attempt to attract the attention of a loved one. If it is engaged in the manufacture of bombs, then the dream warns her that the forces it sent in the wrong direction. Attempts to defuse the bomb in a dream – to reckless risk-taking, adventurism, which the dreamer will agree in the near future. Risky business can bring success.

Universal dream

To see how, after the explosion rises a pillar of bright red light, to the favorable completion of the plans. Thick black smoke and the proliferation of nuclear mushroom after the explosion predict a large number of misfortunes and troubles, sickness, General weakness, financial losses.

Dream Interpretation Of Sigmund Freud

Sleep with the bomb says about the imminent test of pleasure, the pleasure of love. Perhaps the dreamer will soon meet with a passionate partner who will give him an unforgettable relationship.

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