Dream interpretation: dream boat

One should not treat dreams lightly, they can be reminders of important events and help in solving pressing problems. What a dream boat? Find the answer in this article.

What a dream boat dream interpretation

What a dream boat dream interpretation

Women’s dream book

To be on a boat with – in real life, too, will meet a friendly group of people, lung on the rise. To dream of a boat on the water inverted to unexpected financial loss, in the near future need to abstain from participating in all kinds of scams they will end happily.

Sail boat somewhere — to a significant life change, the water is clean and calm – for the better, dirty water, loss, disappointment. If in the dream boat the river carries the current, make a rash act, a boat caught in a storm alarm.

Russian dream book

In this dream, the boat is a dream to unexpected bad news may get news of the death of a distant relative. The boat floats under a large sail – the fulfillment of desires, upturned boat, learn about rumors, which are untrue.

A modern dream book

Boating along the shore in calm is joy and luck in business, to get on a small boat in a storm – to sadness. Sail boat in the company of people – to success in career, promotion. By boat to shore to find peace, to go from shore, separation from family, fall out of the boat in the water for sorrow.

If you dream you see how the boat ran aground, will soon be in a difficult situation. If the boat has a large, light sail, it’s a good sign, this dream luckily.

Sail boat in the company, sing – a job that you started will be successful. To dream of a submarine means imminent trouble, out of which will not be easy. To be on Board the submarine you will see, which will leave behind the negative emotions.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To sail with someone in the boat together – in reality you have a close, trusting relationship with this person, to sail with a stranger – you are relying on someone else’s help in difficult situations. Wet feet in the boat – money. To see how the boat floats in a dream, but there is no one – to disease.

To see the boat and the oars in your life you too many questions hard on yourself, learn to trust some responsibilities to other people. To see an inflatable boat means that you need to prepare a financial safety cushion in order to feel more confident.

Sinking in the boat – unfortunately, the sail boat one, while rowing oars – money. To sail in a boat against the tide – you have successfully cope with all the difficulties. See a pop-up submarine – learn about the deception.