What dream of the color blue?

Often the person cannot remember a dream, its details, the characters, the actions that occurred. But clearly remembers the color that accompanied the dream that is present in clothing, interior, and landscapes. What may mean, for example, blue color – the dream books give detailed answers.

Dream dream blue, dream interpretation

Dream dream blue, dream interpretation

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

The Empress at the time, distinguished by the fact that introduced their decrees the main heraldic symbols of many cities of the Russian Empire. Moreover, attention was paid not only to the symbols and elements, and colours of coats of arms. And in her dream you can find an explanation of what dreams one or another color.

In heraldry, blue is associated with nobility, purity of thoughts, deeds, respectively, it has the interpretation in respect of a sleeping person. The color blue in a dream speaks of moral purity, unsullied reputation, an important quality to preserve the nobility even in difficult situations and conflicts.

Dream Interpretation Tarot

According to the interpretation of this dream, the color blue speaks to the correctness of the chosen path, sensible things that makes people at this stage of his life.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

This dream, on the contrary, associating the color blue with the emergence of troubles in a short time.

He echoed big dream book the dream book and the Apostle Simon the zealot. But there is a clarification – people need to see not just the color in the clothing or around; the blue light coming from somewhere, is a harbinger of more trouble to see it in my sleep.

Dream interpretation of acculinna-healer

For this edition, to be afraid of the appearance of blue color in a dream is not worth it. The basic interpretation – a good night’s sleep, the color contributes to the undertakings in all cases, the expectations of success.

In order for the dream to come alive as soon as possible, Akulina advises to try to remember in great detail events that happened in the dream, and try to be clear on the shade of dream blue, paint all the items that appeared in the dream.

If we can make the world blue (trees, roads, air), pleasant moments will not keep itself waiting long.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Another authoritative publication is on the position that blue color in a dream is very good to the dreamer. According to forecasts, this gentle, pure, noble shade dream for good, quick reconciliation, the emergence of deep feelings, in particular love, tenderness, respect.

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