What does blood in a dream

Blood is the symbol of life, spiritual strength and inner energy. There are many answers to the question, what dream of blood. Bleeding to dream of sickness, loss of strength. But may symbolize the loss of something very important – loved ones, Finance. To see blood friend in a dream – to quarrel, and the culprit will be the one who saw the dream. To vypekatsya in someone else’s blood – spiritual intimacy with him.

Alphabet of dreams

If you dreamed that someone else’s blood shed, you lightly look at a serious problem. Worth a sober assessment of what is happening around, to take the initiative.

If in a dream filled with the blood of the earth – to be trouble. Come hard times, quarrels, perhaps death. To shed the blood of the middle – to a quarrel, the cause of which will be your selfishness.

Dream Interpretation Of Nostradamus

Bleeding wound in the holidays with alcohol and lots of food. Bleeds burnt the wound – to the great joy. The blood on the sheets or the blanket – to his wife’s infidelity.

Japanese dream

To see clothing in the blood – a warning about the intrigues of enemies. Not recommended to start new friendships. Bleeding wound to diseases, neurosis, failure in Affairs. Bloody hands – to failure.

The Dream Miller

Red, thick blood – to health, or dark with clots to the disease.

What dream of blood

What dream of blood

German dream

Blood pours out upon receipt of bruises, wounds. She dreams to possible injury is influenced by various factors.

Italian dream

Bleeding wound, until the harm in reality.

Icelandic dream book

Drinking blood is to the future battlefield.

Egyptian pharaohs dream book

About blood dream interpretation says: smeared in blood from head to toe – so soon to untold wealth and spend the rest of his life in the celebration and fun. If you dream of clothing with blood on it and you are at a loss where it came from, you will fall under suspicion in a bad thing to do. To drink human blood in a dream – you become the owner of the dubious things it is better to get rid of. According to the dream book, the blood from his nose to the purchase of illegal goods. If the dream of a man with power, he ought not to do the works, is prohibited by law.

Dream interpretation ancient Persia

The blood is a sign of kinship. It dream to hear from loved ones, and then for their arrival and visit.

Dream interpretation of the East

Had the blood – a bad omen. Threatens a serious loss, until the death of a loved. If sleep blood seen on the eve of the wedding – there will be happiness in marriage, he will fall apart. If the blood is on your hands, you are plotting something bad. The dream warns that you need to stop, not to do bad.

Dream admirers Velez

The blood seems to frights, shocks. You will be nervous.

Dream interpretation of the ancient Slavs

To see the blood – stained clothes is a warning of enemies who seek to hinder your career growth. Bleeding wound to diseases, failures in businesses. The blood is on your hands – to the uninvited guests.

Family dream book

To dream of blood, soon with loved ones, news from them.

The Russian dream book

The blood is a sign of kinship, family. Someone close gets hurt. The sacrificial blood to one month.

Psychological dream dictionary

To dream of blood, to conversations with family members. Transfusion – to the illness of a relative, and he needs your help. Bloody vomiting – diseases of the stomach or intestines. A bruise to blood disorders. Bleeding – you will spoil the blood», that is to claim, most likely of a financial nature.

New dream interpretation

Sleep with the blood – to meet kin, to the birth obenga or death of a loved one. The blood flowing from the head, disorder in the house, flowing from the nose, loss of money, dig. Bloodletting – to losses. If you saw the blood on himself, to shame or trauma in others to their financial well-being. The blood of the animal – for an early successful conclusion of cases. Bright, rich blood – to the death of relatives, diluted with saliva, to the death of a cousin.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

The blood comes in sleep to retaliation, or conflicts with relatives. Trying to stop the bleeding from the wound speaks of a terrible longing for the deceased loved one. Blood in the dream soiled clothes, a close will do an act that will hurt your reputation. If you dream you defended yourself and hit the attacker to the blood, caution, do not try to reconcile the quarreling relatives, the consequences will be bad. If you dreamed that you draw water from the source, and it’s in the blood turns bad sign. On your family curse that will bring a lot of grief.


To see blood on the ground – so no need to force things, trying something urgently to solve it. Better to wait humbly change for the better, it will happen without your participation.

To wash off blood stains from clothes – to the neglect of his own opinion. You really rely on the advice of other people, forgetting about yourself. Think for yourself, then there is no harm.

Blood in a dream from the wound – rise to serious problems. It would be deceptive and at first will seem like nothing. But in the future will bring a lot of trouble. Beware!

Lick the blood up to the accident involving the vehicle. Be very careful on the road, if possible, avoid long journeys.

Dream interpretation white mage

Blood stains on clothes is a warning about the evil intentions of the enemies to hinder you in reaching your goals. Bleeding wound to diseases and neuroses, shocks, setbacks in business due to foreign partners. Blood dream for the fact that luck will leave you, possibly even tragic death.

A modern dream book

Current own blood dream for migraines, foreign – to the financial well-being. Pure blood is to the financial well – being. Blood spitting – to the disease, the shame. Bloody clothes – for family visits.

Dream interpretation for lovers

See a fresh cut – a fun time with friends, a dried sore is an illness close. Blood on the ground – a harbinger of happiness, the sudden good luck.

Dream interpretation for a healthy lifestyle

Blood in the dream flowing clothes – your friends or fans are plotting evil against you. Hands in blood – to the bitter love.

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