What does dreams about berries blackberries? What she dream about?

What dreams this juicy dark berry, whose name is BlackBerry? Let’s ask the dream book about the meaning of the dream.

dream interpretation ozhina

Dream interpretation what dreams BlackBerry

The newest dream book

In the dream attended a whole thicket of BlackBerry – you have to literally Wade (as through these tenacious shrubs) through the hardships of life.

And if the blackberries in the dream you eat, on the love front you are in for a surprise that is pleasant.

A modern dream book

This dream interpretation says: BlackBerry to no good dreaming. If you dream you are busy collecting it, you expected a black stripe in life; if you eat the berries, then get ready for big losses.

Oriental dream book

The BlackBerry is a symbol of strife and loss.

Family dream book

BlackBerry marks a serious illness, to use the blackberries in the food – to lose something valuable in life, to her collection – do not wait good luck on your doorstep in the near future.

Dream Interpretation Longo

But this source is more optimistic. According to his version, to pick berries – it is only a warning not to try to do a bunch of things at once. It is better to solve all gradually, so it will be much better.

BlackBerry thickets here represent an unexpected luck, but if the berries on the bushes are ripe, it speaks about the integrity of your nature, which is still on track your mood and thoughts.

If unripe berries, do not rush to implement their plans, be patient, favorable time for them will come later. If you dream you are eating blackberries, then wait for in life is really a wonderful surprise.

Got stuck on BlackBerry spike in dream, in life you are very sensitive about opinions about yourself to strangers. No need to pay attention to them, and you will see how the number of spines is markedly reduced.

Dreams of love relationships

BlackBerry – a sign of modernity, new developments in life. This vision tells us that even the most mundane things you take a look an updated look. This situation will not work and the intimate side of your relationship – something familiar suddenly gives new and vivid sensations.

Dream interpretation of the modern woman

Dream interpretation predicts that collecting blackberries, to fail in their endeavors in real life. If you are eating it – get ready to losses, just to see the berries – dreaming, which involves severe painful condition. Trying to get out of BlackBerry thickets – turmoil in life as tightly you clung.

Online dream book

This berry in your dream warns that you should watch their words and actions, otherwise your actions will lead to problems in other people who don’t deserve it. Engaged in the dream the harvest of blackberries is a disease not take long. To buy BlackBerry – waste at a loss.

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