What have black, white, red kitten

Dreams with our smaller brethren may not always symbolize something nice. To be ready to meet challenges without fear, read the dream books, which contain a pet.

what a dream black kitten

What a dream black kitten

People’s dreams

Kitten in dreams – to be alone can be alone with problems. Black kitten in a dream – a bad sign. If he drove it with all the problems without the help of others.

English dream interpretation

Dreams that play with the kitten, he scratches and bites you – your lady needs the evil and treacherous character. A dream is a warning. If you do decide to marry his girlfriend, life with him will be difficult, miserable, you have a regret bound himself with an evil man.

Women’s dream book

Dreams lions – to the problems and failures. Problems will continue until during sleep does not get rid of the kitten, even cute. This dream means the end of all setbacks. Want to know what you dream of white kitten to be deceptive. You can trap, and the reason will be excessive credulity. If you show patience and prudence, white kitten in a dream – just a warning, all problems can be solved. Dreams with ugly, weak, sick and dirty seals mean the insult that will cause a rude and angry man.

Summer dream

To dream as you caress the white fluffy – to the small pleasures, a good time, harmony, meeting a tender and affectionate person.

Autumn dream interpretation

To caress in his hands a cute fluffy kitten – nice sign. You are waiting for joy, good prospects.

Dream Meridian

Small kitten in a dream symbolizes minor setbacks, longing, loneliness. You will feel the uselessness, miss. Gray kitten is a dream to small problems whose solution cannot be postponed. It may happen that little failures turn into one big problem that is much harder to handle. This situation will lead to frustration and severe depression.

For those who wondered what dreams orange kitty – get ready. On the horizon may appear competitor, able to beat the favorite. Ginger kitten in a dream in the adult women – to wait for love and new intimate relationships. It all depends on your decision, but know that the relationship will be short lived. What a dream black kitten – small problems comes more bad news from loved ones, friends and acquaintances.

The Dream Miller

To dream of a beautiful fluffy kitten for women – she needs to be more careful. By clever deception, fraud, it can be trapped. To get out of a difficult situation, should be considered, otherwise you will lose all the property. In the dream you pursue kittens – expect small troubles. If you kill at least one of them, you will be able to overcome their problems.