What does a dream in which you see a black dog?

The dog is most often associated with one, and faithfulness. But in the dream it happens and Vice versa. Depending on the dream we foreshadowed cheating or meeting with a true friend.

What a dream black dog

What a dream black dog

Dream Meridian

Black dog of large size dream for the long and decisive confrontation with one of his enemies. If you saw a black dog, but she is not able to bite you, in your life, a new enemy, from which you learn a lot of trouble. If the dog is black attacked you in the dream and bitten without the slightest resistance on your part, then you will lose out to their enemies. But if you fiercely defended and came out the winner, the same will happen in real life.

Small dream book of Veles

Black dog in a dream this dream has two interpretations. First – meet a true friend. Second – learn the bad news to you, quarrel with friends, learn betrayal.

Gypsy dream book

If you had a dog with black fur, then one of your friends will become your enemy.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

The dog is black in color indicates that in your life there will come a period of depression. You will be sorrowful, sad and weary. But it will pass.

Ukrainian dream book

To dream of black dogs – the symbol of loyalty and real friends. Dogs of any other colour – these are your enemies and detractors.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

A dog with black fur in the dream warns that you will comprehend unpleasant misunderstandings through the fault of your friend. In fact, this person is only considered your friend. Inside it is set against you and is very close to treason and betrayal. You need to be firm and not to let on that it hurt.

Black dog barking in a dream, suggests that your relationship with your friends will undergo a serious test of strength. Perhaps you have conflicts, misunderstandings and quarrels. But you should not provoke them. Try to be loyal and to stick to things that have no weight.

Dream Interpretation Kaplinskaja

If in the dream the man saw the dog black or grey in colour so be prepared to misfortune. If this dog is howling to find out about bad news.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

Big black dog in a dream – a bad sign. You will be disappointed in the loved one, who was long considered his true friend. Be prepared for the fact that this man will leave you in a difficult moment one. But that’s not all: it will be bad of you to respond and dissolve the bad rumors. You will have to gather strength and courage to get through this ordeal.

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