To dream of the birth of a child, dream interpretation

Dream books about the birth of States that interpret the sleep you need depending on the sex of the baby and how he looks. Beautiful children portend good luck and achievements conceived, ugly and sick – to quarrels and diseases. Also a lot depends on who had a birth.

Someone had to give birth?

  • Pregnant woman birth if pregnant woman sees the birth of a child, the delivery will be successful, and the baby comes into this world beautiful, healthy and happy;
  • The man – if a man sees the birth of his child, he was waiting for success and profit, but if someone else – someone tries to assign its merits and be rewarded.

What a dream the birth of a child dream

What a dream the birth of a child dream

Dream Meridian

To see that a girl is born, for women – the joy, prosperity and success, and for men the risk in financial Affairs and issues in your professional life. Young girl dream girl warns that something or someone could threaten her reputation. If sleep sees an elderly woman, she should pass the examination and to observe their health. Men dream about the birth of the child foretell the profit when he sees a few kids.

The Dream Miller

  • To bring child a happy future;
  • Birth – profit, inheritance;
  • Dreaming about the birth of a child outside of marriage to be in danger.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

  • Birth for men in the implementation of planned projects;
  • To give birth – controversy and strife for the unmarried, the achievement of goals for women;
  • To see the birth itself portends a positive outcome of all endeavors.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

In this dream of birth of the child stated that whoever had a dream, he talks about the successful events that expect a sleep in the near future. All the old, that can be a burden to man, go, and come time for a change. In what area changes, should be interpreted depending on the details of the dream.

A person born in a dream?

  • The boy is good news financially, if you see the birth of a boy, it is time for a rich life;
  • The girl family fortune, auspicious events, touching moments;
  • Gemini – you refuse to help a nasty person, although it can be protection;
  • Triplets – for a pregnant woman portends a difficult birth;
  • A dead child is a failure, the lack of assistance, loneliness.

To dream of a second child means a return to the past, the reluctance to let go of people who were dear long ago. Perhaps these memories and feelings so strong that fundamental changes will take place in life.

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