What does a dream in which you see the birds?

Birds in a dream – usually a good sign. But we need to see what kind of bird you had and how to correctly interpret a dream. Let’s see what dream birds – what kind of events should prepare the dreamer.

what dream birds

What dream birds

Symbolic dream interpretation

Representatives of various species of birds predict events that can happen. For example, a crow is a sign of impending illness or danger. If you dream of a parrot – it is possible that someone will laugh at you. A white dove symbolizes purity, spiritual renewal, innocence and honesty of intentions.

Swallow – a sign that in the future you will receive joyful news. And to see a stork in a dream – a good sign for the young couple: the dream predicts the birth of children.

Dream Meridian

Birds in a dream, the hammering beaks in your window – to the news. You will soon receive the news, which is not expected. It may be that your familiar world will turn on its head.

Dream Interpretation Zhou-Gong

To see the bird, sneaking to your bosom, – a good sign. But if the dreamer catches feathered beauty on the fly – soon it will receive a letter containing good news.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

A bird in a cage, a symbol that the dreamer in real life, holding back feelings, does not allow himself to openly show emotions. Should relax a little, because excessive self-control threatens to health problems.

Free flying birds – the dreamer great creativity, his imagination is boundless. However, he should ensure that does not break away from reality.

The Dream Miller

A beautiful bird with magical wings means good news. In the near future you can expect good things. If such a dream sees a woman, she will soon marry. Marriage promises to be happy.

To see a lot of birds in a dream, floating in the sky – the news of the future prosperity and coming happiness.

Dream Interpretation Of Nostradamus

Nostradamus most of the predictions and interpretations of night visions is global. Thus, the appearance in dreams of white birds he interprets as a danger of the Earth a huge meteorite.

If you see in the dream, desperately screaming bird, soon any country can be attacked from the outside. To see the double-headed eagle black – before the war.

Iron bird on the ground, meaning an accident or a catastrophe that should be expected in the future. Cock for a dreamer – not a good sign: there may be quarrel with the environment, conflicts. So you need more to monitor themselves, to prevent negative developments and to manage to repay the outbreak of the conflict in the Bud.

Vedic dream interpretation

A dream in which the birds fly, portends prosperity and success to the dreamer.

Dream Interpretation Of Filomena

If you dreamt of a bright bird, rejoice: this sleepy dreams – fortunately. The fabulous Firebird predicts success.

Having birds in the house – possibly embarrassing situation from which not immediately be able to find a way out. You need to pay attention to their behavior: perhaps the cause of the unpleasant situation is your aggression.

To see the bird, which is located on the balcony – too sad and not very favorable news.

But if you release birds beauty at will – it promises full abundance of life.

A woman who saw in a dream the bird with the Chicks, reality can prepare for future pregnancy.

A bird beats against the window – a warning about some catch or danger.

To see a talking bird – subconscious tells you to do you listened to your intuition. It will tell you what to do in a difficult situation.

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