What dreams bird dream interpretation

A dream in which a bird flew into the window, heralds the death of someone living in this house. For women who want to have a baby flew into the window the bird indicates good news. Soon she gets pregnant and successfully resolved. Caress the bird had flown – you will find great success in work and relationships.

dream interpretation birds

What does it mean to see a bird in a dream, dream interpretation

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Modern dream interpretation birds in a dream – to gossip. Also dream means success, profit, profitable agreement. A flock of small birds to a minor benefit. Birds feeding – the loneliness, a desire to make new buddies. To hear the birds singing and chirping – for fun, enjoy spending time with friends, socializing, loud chirping – the scandal and disputes. To see fights, fights between birds is to become an unwitting participant in women’s quarrels.

Communication with birds – up to high Jinks. In the dream, for your bosom hid the bird – a great happiness and luck. In the dream, caught the bird in hand – will get news from afar. A little bird that hardly rises to feet, warning. You will fail in a poorly thought-out the West. Large birds of prey to the hype, shoot the Falcon, eagle, hawk will be able to overcome all obstacles and will find long-awaited happiness.

The woman dreamed that she drives away predators from their children, should be more hardworking. You are in danger from enemies. Only hard work and self-control will ensure happiness and success in life. Had a dream that startled the birds before they attack you will be lucky and success in the work.

Ukrainian dream book

The bird represents news, news. A bird perched on his head – dead. Flock of birds –the breakup, the rift between the couple. There is also a belief that a flock of birds in a dream means the souls of men. Sleep with the birds – before the war, of disasters with large casualties.

To catch the bird and hold it in your hand – great success in business. The singing of the birds interesting to a friend. The window is beating the bird to the good news, expect replenishment in the family. If beats small bird – the birth of a daughter, great son. There are birds ‘ eggs, – to trouble. A dream in which a bird flew into the house – to the bad news.

Children’s dream book

To dream of mythical Phoenix bird – much luck, happiness, long life. This dream symbolizes that you will never be able to break, even in extremely severe situations, you will be the winner. To dream of a bird, the Albatross – gifted people will be successful and the glory.

Albatross with fish in beak, will lead to a very useful acquaintance with the influential person. The cry of this bird portends a hoax or forgery. Colorful macaw parrot in the cage or on the tree – betrayal and insult from a well-known person. Had a bird without wings – the hopelessness, trouble and failure.

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