What dream berries

In dream berries can have both positive and negative interpretation. They often foretell events in a person’s life and what his future will be, depends on various details of the dream.

berries in the dream

Dream berry dream

Small dream book of Veles

To see is good luck.

Is – to the disease;

Black – loss, grief.

Red is joy.

White – will be news.

To tear – to avoid the snares of the enemy.

Dried – someone close to you gets sick.

Gypsy dream book

Saw in a dream berries will cry. Make jam from berries – the unexpected profit, but to eat it or the berries to disease.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

Collect – you have a small unnecessary hassle.

Eat berries – soon you will be able to have fun, to unwind, to have fun.

Immature – you have in mind a case in which it is impossible to be impatient.

Wormy – trouble will come from the immediate environment.

Will sell the hassle associated with finding the money and extra earnings.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

Berries in the dream – a symbol of what you will receive well-deserved praise, financial rewards and respect for your work. To gather berries to reap the fruits of their labors. To see is red, sweet berries – to the great financial profit of the inheritance.

Esoteric dream book

Dreams with berries say that all that you have in mind and make come true. The dream foretells good luck, the rapid completion of a large project financial returns. Sleep confirms the correctness of actions in real life.

Women’s dream book

Jam – wealth.

Berries in the snow – you make a mistake, which then will be very sorry.

A lot of berries – you’ll win.

Red – trouble, tears.

Muslim dream interpretation

Picking berries in the dream to deal with complexity in reality. To eat the collected berries – your work will appreciate and you will get a great reward. Sprinkle berries to lose all earned by his own stupidity. Red berry is the greatest wealth.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

If sleeping in the dream see berries in the sexual life full of harmony. The berries symbolize pleasure, carnal pleasures. Unripe berries can attest to the fact that the dreamer feels uncomfortable in bed with your partner.

The Russian dream book

To see the berries – you will be upset.

Blueberries – for trouble.

There are berries to be the culprit of their troubles.

Red berries mean a happy event.

Symbolic dream interpretation

In the dream book so describes what dream berries: if you eat them and feel the sweetness, then wait for the appearance of new friends that will make you happier.

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