Dream interpretation: a stomach ache in a dream

In the dream the belly symbolizes life. Appearance dream belly points to the poverty or wealth.

What a sick dream belly, dream interpretation

What a sick dream belly, dream interpretation

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Full life enrichment awaits you, if you had a big fat belly. Otherwise, you will loss health problems.

The threat of wealth, authority, even the life is interpreted a dream in which you made the wound in the stomach.

Dream Book Of Veles

A sick man in a dream stroking the abdomen, recovery.

Healthy sleep dream to the disease.

To rash acts, trouble in the house of disease to dream that a stomach ache.

Cut and lean belly is a dream for the worries, poverty, and getting rid of the annoying hassle.

The stomach though large, but empty, it means that you are at risk of poverty.

Dream Meridian

A pregnant woman saw in a dream the child in the stomach – a good night’s sleep. A healthy baby deliver safely.

If such a dream dream the woman is not pregnant, then get pregnant.

The complexities of health dream of the child in the stomach older women. Undergo a medical examination to avoid unnecessary problems.

If a woman is not going to soon give birth to a baby, but sleep with the baby in her belly she had, it symbolizes her plans, hopes and expectations.

Esoteric dream book

In moving towards the goals that you have set, expect difficulties, if you dream that you have a very big belly.

To see a stranger with a huge belly – a warning that someone lets you consciously.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Loss of property the dreams that belly cut. To wealth when you sleep on the stomach will put something.

Fat belly – in the material sense, the situation will improve. Thin abdomen warns that there will be losses, money losses.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Belly in the dream is the focus of energy and effort necessary to achieve goals. Control your emotions, clear your mind of doubts gain strength and will be able to successfully solve all the tasks set before you.

Fortune awaits you, if you dream that your tummy stroking mom.

During sleep, a stomach ache – do not try for others to benefit. Your actions should be worthy, every step deliberate. This will help you get great results on the way to the goal.

A hole in my stomach dream to exacerbation of chronic diseases.

The wound in the abdomen points to the problems arising in personal relationships. Try not to clash to avoid a final break.

If during sleep stomach hurts near the belly button, take your sweetheart closer. This approach will help to avoid the looming conflict.

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