What does a dream in which you see the bees?

In real life, these hard working insects can not only bring healing honey and painful sting. When there are bees in a dream and what dream, try to find out with the help of the most popular dream books that give interpretations of various dreams.

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What have bee

The ABCs of dream interpretation

In interpreting the dream, the bee is a symbol of teamwork and of family traditions. The vision of the hive with the flying insects means prosperity, provided the application is not only personal, but also common efforts. Bee sting — a sign that the punishment was deserved.

Gypsy dream book

This source gives an explanation of what bees dream of many residents of cities and rural areas. In the first case, such a vision means disturbing and unexpected troubles, and the second — financial benefits and profit. Catching bees to victory over the enemy.

Family dream book

Family-citizens has its own interpretation of what dreaming that bee bite. This vision means that someone of good friends can insult and humiliate you. When the sleeping man is pursued by a swarm of bees, it promises him a good health and well-being.

Esoteric dream book

What have bees, can be explained as follows. This means everyday, regular work that brings satisfaction and a good income. If an insect has bitten you, then there is a danger of losing job.

Women’s dream book

For the fairer sex bees in dreams are harbingers of profitable and successful deals. If a swarm of bees is chasing you or your child, it promises good health and prosperity in the family. For women who often have bees will have a reason to be proud of their children.

A modern dream book

This source gives the following interpretation of what might have bee. First, it is to a profitable and interesting occupation. Secondly, the pleasure of communicating with their children and loved ones. If the bees in the dream bitten, be careful, because you can take people you trust.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

The humming of the bees in the dream are interpreted as follows. This means a threat from the outside, so can’t be too careful in any case. If the insect in a dream sitting on a flower, it means you are waiting for success in business, especially in creativity. Honeycomb promise long-awaited success after hard work.

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