What is seen in the dream the flower beds?

Flowerbed in a dream — a rather controversial character. Its value may depend on the appearance and from the fact that doing to him in a dream. So you can understand just in the complex.

the bed in my sleep

What seems to bed in the dream

A modern dream book

A large vivid flower bed — you’ll soon be in company with old and new friends. You are waiting for interesting excursions and walks in the fresh air.

Flowerbed in the dream of white flowers — you will find a happy future, prosperity and fulfillment of desires.

To walk amid flower beds — very soon you will get married.

To plant seedlings — you will find an invitation to a party, celebration or party.

Wilted flowers — soon parting with someone from relatives, which may occur due to a sudden quarrel.

To weed the flower bed — you will soon be faced with the betrayal of a trusted person.

Watering flower bed with hose in front of a happy secure future.

Use a funnel to poverty, the need to save.

The newest dream book

To see a bed in a dream — your dream will soon be fulfilled. She realized fully, you have to try.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To dream of a flower bed with flowers — in front of you a lot of pleasant emotions, travel, Dating.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Multi-colored flowerbed means that you will have pleasant entertainment.

White flowers — happiness.

To plant seedlings — a pleasant pastime in the company of close friends.

Flowerbed in the rain — a sudden quarrel without any reason.

To water the plants in buckets or watering cans — extreme stinginess. Hose — worth.

Esoteric dream book

If you dream you became flowerbed, you lose a lot of life. It’s time to make up for it, otherwise it will be too late.

To water the plants — your things arranged well.

Dry bed — someone misses you and waiting for news.

Flowerbed in a dream is empty — you have not called or wrote to friends and relatives.

To water the plants — very soon your business will start to settle, you will find well-being.

To trample on a flower bed — you need to establish contacts with long-lost friends.

Autumn dream interpretation

To arrange in a dream in the flowerbed in your life will soon become something good, kind, bright.

Summer dream

Plant flowers — you will find the update.

Spring dream interpretation

Had a flowerbed suggests that soon you will become extremely influential.

Interpreter free

Plant flowers in the flower bed — you will soon receive good news.

Bright blooming flowerbed — respect from peers is increasing, keep moving in the same direction.

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