What to see in a dream bed

Bed is primarily a symbol of rest and relaxation. However, dreams in which it is present, can be indicative of a disease, the road, changes in sexual relations or family life. More precisely interpretation of dreams about beds allow you the details.

Sleep bed

What does it mean to dream bed

When had the bed?

Bed, had the woman from Sunday to Monday, portends a quick meeting with an intelligent and handsome man. For the upcoming changes in his personal life also suggests an empty bed, seen from Tuesday to Wednesday. For fun dream bed from Thursday to Friday. The sheets on her crushed? Get ready for the indecent proposals of a sexual nature at work. If Friday and Saturday had the cat on the bed, life happens bad changes that cannot be prevented.

What was the bed?

To dream bed with another person means to be successful in all endeavors. Twin beds having problems with the wife (husband), lots of beds, to the replenishment of the family. New bed indicates that internally you are ripe to change. A good sign for unmarried girls – double bed: she will soon make a proposal of marriage. The dream was wet the bed, promises exacerbation of chronic diseases or the emergence of unexpected difficulties.

If you had a broken bed, review the selected methods to achieve the goal. White bed light, that your life will be positive changes. What dreams double bed with magnificent decoration? Before the wedding, or wealth. Neatly laid bed I dream of people who feel safe, unmade face that fear of exposure. Iron bed foretells unexpected expenses for household needs, wood – road to the cemetery.

Who was in bed?

To dream bed is empty does it mean to experience a lot of trouble: a scheming colleagues or professional failures, redundancy, serious heart drama. Lying in bed alone – to the disease, in domestic or financial problems. If you had a stranger in your bed, expect a sharp turn in the fate. If you lie in bed next to me, so an interesting acquaintance.

What dreams cot? Sleep with the baby points to the embodiment of the desires, without the child – on false hopes, a rift with a loved one. A dream where you’re in bed with a friend or someone of your gender, portends a loss of stupidity. To see yourself in a dream in bed with someone of the opposite sex – for difficulties.

Action bed

Sleep on the bed that you tuck predicts a fateful acquaintance, and the imminent visit of the guests. See yourself sitting on your bed to travel, change of residence, the purchase of real estate. If in the dream you choose the bed, then in reality you are faced with difficult choices in his personal life. Purchase of furniture for rest is going to change, hassle. Hiding in a dream under the bed? Of the problematic situation in which you find yourself, you cannot get out without help.

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