What it means to beat a man in a dream

Have you ever dream to be broken? Or you hurt someone? Perhaps through a similar dreams the subconscious sends a signal that you have accumulated a lot of aggression, or you’re being suppressed. Interesting to know the opinion of dream books for this reason. Maybe they have a different point of view.

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Dream interpretation: what it means to beat someone in a dream?

Oriental dream book

In the dream you beat someone wishes as quickly as possible to meet with you.

Himself to brutally beat someone, the relationship will soon cease to be a mystery.

Small dream book of Veles

From the point of view of dream beat dream – reconciliation with the enemy or the visit of a man will end the fight. Punch myself the goal will be achieved. A dream in which the wife beats the husband, a sign of illness. But if the husband beats the wife, wait for the arrival of guests or treason.

Hitting a child in the dream – expect trouble in the family. If you beat a stranger, then in reality you will get to the truth.

Hit animals – wait for the grief and loss.

Lunar dream book

To beat a man in a dream – in reality to administer justice. And if you beat the you to experience intense fear.

The Russian dream book

To beat the other in a dream – wait for victory over life’s difficulties and treacherous people.

A modern dream book

A dream in which someone with fury, lashed out and hits you, it foretells the disorder in the family troubles.

Beat in the dream of the child – in reality, undeservedly receive some of the perks and will be successful to use them.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you dream you beat their subordinates, in reality they will listen to you.

To beat his wife – wait for her infidelity, and men – to a new friend or surprise.

To strike with a stick – you will find a strong friendship.

If in the dream you beat real people – to the joy of well being. But if it’s dead – up to depression and sadness.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

You brutally beat a man who can’t help themselves, is a warning about the upcoming life failure, disaster, guilty in which you can be yourself.

Easy fight in a dream – a sign that the tension between you and the environment begins to subside. Conflicts and quarrels will be no more.

To beat someone of the spouses, the betrayal will be forgiven, and there is no more cause for jealousy.

Dream Interpretation Lofa David

The interpreter considers that it is important to understand you or beat you, with whom there is a fight. This small skirmish or there is a possibility of death? What causes fights? The details of the dream can Express the control, dominance, aggression, and other feelings.

Aggressive to beat someone in a dream – fear or anger that you sit inside of you, please exit out. The one you bash is the source of the anger. If the opposite is happening, the victim is you.

Strangers who beat you can represent specific individuals from your surroundings or the sense of awe in front of someone.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Beat you in a dream friends – this is a prosperous period.

To see how beat another, you’ll regret it.

Flies to catch and beat a – happy family.

Beat you with a stick, and you cry – gossip about you.

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