What dreams beard dream

Admire yourself in a dream with a beard may not only male but also female. It has a special meaning depending on the details of the dream.

Dream beard

What does it mean to see a beard in your sleep

Women’s dream book

If a woman sees in a dream the beard, it is necessary to review women’s dream: a thick beard of red color represents the machinations of the friends of the black – recovery from illness. To cut someone else’s beard – to conceive and perform an indecent act.

Combined dream book

If a woman sees herself in a dream with a beard, it is not necessary to be frightened: she will shortly receive a valuable gift.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Meeting in a dream with a person with a beard of enormous length, is a good sign. In the near future you will meet a mentor or teacher, wise life experience.

Ancient Persian dream book

If the wife sees herself with a beard, one of two things happens: if her husband is home, he’ll be leaving soon; if absent, will be home soon. If someone in the dream pulls at his beard, then he needs to be ready to repent of the committed acts and the irrepressible desire to squander your assets. If a child sees himself in a dream with a beard, is a bad sign. The child may die at an early age.

Ukrainian dream book

A dream in which you saw the beard – profits. If it is black to health, red – man has so many enemies and treacherous friends. Hair loss on the beard of sorrow, grief and trouble. If, on the contrary, the hair on the beard thick and strong, so the estate will increase. To shave his beard in a dream – a bad omen. You need to be prepared to endure some kind of loss, injustice or evil.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If the person saw himself in a dream with a beard, so soon he will have a good profit. If the beard suddenly turned gray, get ready that in reality with your sense of justice, no one will be. If the mother sees in a dream the beard, then she will give birth to a male child. Meet in a dream an old bearded man means a meeting with a wise mentor. But if the beard was a redhead, you need to be careful. Blackbeard – a prophetic dream warning of surprise. Gray hair on beard – to honor and respect, red for trouble.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

If a woman sees herself with a beard, she should be prepared for the fact that she would have to endure the loss or breakup of a relationship. If you had a child with a beard – he has a special mission in life. If the girl had to see yourself in a dream with a beard, it is a favorable sign she will soon marry. Long beard of a man – a symbol of wisdom, power, authority and inner strength.

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