What dream of the shore

Saw in a dream the seashore and wonder what could it mean? Here’s how to interpret this dream different dreams.

Dream beach

What is seen in dream land?

A modern dream book

If you dream you got to the coast, so soon will be able to achieve the desired goal, peace, joy and success.

A life of joy and peace – that is what a dream beach, which managed to stick. But if in a dream to landing failed, then waking you expect failures in different cases.

Shore with steep edges predicts a meeting with danger and trouble. Gently sloping shores also is znamenovanie the fun of life.

For a poor person is seen the shore of the sea predicts improvement in financial Affairs.

Walk along the shore in a dream promises a reality meeting with an unpleasant person.

If you dream you have participated in coast defense, a possible serious illness. If you witnessed this event – maybe you’ll have to pay special care for a severely ill person.

Family dream book

Behold in a dream beach with gently sloping edges, means in reality to make peace with the person you were spoiled relations.

Shore with steep edges in a dream predicts actually encounter when trying to establish a staggered relationship on a lack of understanding and strengthening of the state of Affairs.

Small dream book of Veles

Healing – that’s what dreams the river or the sea to a sick person.

Poor man shore dreams for financial gain.

Also the shore can mean future success, happy family life, successful business achieve their goals.

If I had to relax on the beach – waking life will be wonderful and relaxing.

Sandy beach predicts prison.

Beach cool dream to the dangers and unpleasant turn of events. Shallow beach means fun life.

If you were walking on the beach, you miss an unattainable goal.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Seen shore indicates the direction of movement to achieve the same goals.

Erotic dream book

If you dream of standing on the beach, which was clean and quiet – in a family you will always have harmony and peace.

If the coast had unmarried girl, then the dream foretells her a man who will take her to distant lands.

The jump from the shore into the water promises the solution of problems related to personal life.

If you dream that you are on the beach and see the storm, the reality you expect a major scandal with lover possibly even break relations with him.

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