What a dream bathroom?

Dreams in which you see the tub, have a different interpretation. It all depends on what state you and the vessel for washing. Water represents a cleansing, a renewal. Than it is cleaner, the better the prognosis.

dream bath

What does it mean to dream bathroom

Autumn dream interpretation

A dream in which you wash in a bath filled with clean water – a good sign. You will be clean from bad reputation. Going into the bath with clean water, she suddenly disappeared, expect a trick from their colleagues. They prepare you to plan, so I envy your experience and success.

Summer dream

A dream in which the bath is filled to the improvement of health, the symbol of a strong immune system and longevity.

Women’s dream book

To sleep in the tub to alarms. You will care about your relationship with a loved one, worries that he’s changed its location. Dream bathroom pregnant woman should be careful, otherwise accident will happen that will affect your position. Bath for her husband means that the wife is cheating on him. Showering with someone is a warning that you are surrounded by «unscrupulous» friends. They can warn you, spread gossip, which you will look ugly. Bath with dirty water – beware next to you is a very evil and insidious people.

If you wash in the tub with a cold and clear liquid – you have good health and great endurance. Able to stand against the wiles, to overcome difficulties and what they say, «get away clean».

Children’s dream book

To dream of a bath – want to retire, take a break from annoying friends.

Dream Interpretation Of Yuri Longo

The famous magician gave an excellent interpretation, which described in detail what a dream bath. Dreaming how fill the bath, means that you need to rethink your life. Perhaps you are not what is intended. Your creativity can bring more benefits to you and others. Don’t be afraid to change something in life. Take a warm bath and enjoy it – soon you will meet an old friend and spend time with him.

Talking about the past will make you remember about youth, and you will feel much younger. From the bath fluid is coming quickly – trust your forces and cease to worry that it is not able to do anything on their own. Don’t listen to detractors who claim that represent nothing, they envy you. Bath with aromatic substances – do not consider yourself a purist, you really need to work more on themselves, their behavior, culture. Get pleasure in the water with the foam – are more likely to think that your words will be offensive to your family and friends.

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