To dream cart dream interpretation

The interpretation of dreams on the cart of great importance, whether it was empty or full. Cart is empty dream to sadness and dissatisfaction. If the basket was full, the interpretation of the dream depends on what exactly it was filled.

What dreams basket dream interpretation

What dreams basket dream interpretation

Women’s dream book

If you saw a huge basket filled with something is a sign of success. If it was empty, in your life comes a difficult period. You will feel sad and unhappy life.

Ukrainian dream book

To dream of a basket of beautiful fresh flowers is a good sign. The person seeing such a dream, to be happy in love. To see the trash family will be replenished with a newborn baby. If you dream you are carrying a basket, so you feel confident about the future and fear of future events and tests.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Crucial items or products, which was filled basket. Flowers in the basket – to the joy and fun, the bread – to the material welfare and prosperity, the fruit – fortunately, linen – to success in Affairs. If the basket was empty, your confidence cruelly deceived. If you dream you were busy weaving baskets of willow, your business will end well since you joined forces and worked together.

Family dream book

Full basket of eggs in a dream suggests that your business deals are profitable.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Empty basket portends you need. A more favorable interpretation – you go to the forest to pick mushrooms or wild strawberries. Basket weaving – do you make big plans.

Dream Interpretation Longo

If you dream you are watching to see how full the basket is turned over, and all the contents scattered, be prepared for the fact that your close friend accidentally without malicious intent will give away your secret. Not worth it for him to be offended, it is better to calmly explain to him that this was not worth doing. Basket weaving – a joyful and long-awaited meeting. Empty basket – to quarrel. But you can stop it if you act wisely. The abundance of fruits and berries in the basket – to a successful and fun holiday.

If you collect in the basket of any items or provisions, you will have to experience the unfair treatment of others. But in the end the truth will prevail.

Dream Interpretation Freud

A dream about a basket of mushrooms according to the interpretation of Freud says that you are too sexually active.

Esoteric dream book

If you had a basket, friends will surprise you with a surprise or a present.

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