The dog barks in her sleep

Saw a dog barking or just heard barking in her sleep? Find out what provides dreams to sleepers.

To hear a dog barking in a dream

To hear a dog barking in a dream

Seasonal dream interpretation

Barking dogs in a dream – a harbinger of unpleasant conversations, loud quarrels, disputes with neighbors.

Lunar dream book

To hear the barking for joy or news.


Barking in a dream – a symbol of empty talk and gossip.

Medieval dream book

To dream of barking dogs – a sign of future happiness or attacks of enemies, who will be able to overcome.

Dog attacked you, barking a warning about enemy attacks, be on your guard.

Had to bark in a dream – a sign of enemies or quarrels with friends.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

Heard barking in the dream – join in open confrontation with a longtime foe.

Barked themselves seriously to quarrel with an old friend.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

A barking dog in a dream – warning: you must listen to friendly warnings.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

To hear a dog barking in a dream – to litigation or quarrels with friends; to see the barking dog – to win the dispute.

In a dream caught a barking dog pack – a warning of impending danger.

Esoteric dream book

Had a barking – in reality will have to listen to gossip. Sami barked – hold your tongue, do not engage in empty talk.

A modern dream book

The dog barks in a dream – a warning about the deterioration of relations with friends, disputes and quarrels, hostile attitude offended you people, the conflict with the dangerous and evil enemy.

Barking was heard after you fail timely to unravel the enemy’s plans and thwart the plans of the enemies.

To hear the barking of their own dog – a symbol of pursuing you the evil of envy, the cause of which is your sustainable financial position; for girls – a harbinger of what it will be in the center of gossip and slander.

To hear barking in the house where there are dogs, is the promise of fortune and luck, victory over opponents in a hard case.

Barking in her sleep – a sign that you should carefully monitor your speech in reality, and it is better to be silent, to not say something.

To hear the speech resembles a dog barking, warning of defamatory rumors and gossip about you.

The newest dream book

To hear barking in a dream – to quarrel with friends or loved ones, the scandals with the neighbors, gossip and slander, obstacles in the execution of the plan; to see the little barking dog is to small to violent attacks of irritating you face.

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