Bandits in my sleep

The emergence of bandits in the dream can show different sides of reality. Some dream books write that their occurrence does not bear the threats and means favorable circumstances, others are predicting troubled times and all sorts of dangers. To understand what is meant by the bandits in your dream, note the circumstances under which you met them.

What dream bandits dream interpretation

What dream bandits dream interpretation

Chasing bandits in the dream

A dreamer who runs away from bandits or hiding from them, pushes a real problem, but soon it will once again remind myself. If you were able to fool the bandits and to lead astray, to trap – up to the successful completion of dangerous things or get rid of their own jealousy, fears, and anxieties.

If the girl in the dream running away from bandits, so it’s time to act and learn to fend for themselves in a difficult situation. Fight with them often involves a struggle in life, the need to aggressively defend their views, interests, or shy away from the arrogant guys that claim an intimate relationship.

Sometimes dreams with the pursuit of the bandits provide girls an obsessive fan, from which it will be difficult to do, fear of own life or concern the attacks of creditors if it is going to take loan or already took.

Battle and assault

To fight the bandits to fight. Prepare to be that you have a serious struggle for a place under the sun. To beat them, as shown in the movies, to scatter in different directions, or to apply techniques of dealing with them – you overestimate your strength and capabilities. Competitors can be in reality stronger than you, and the dreamer can reason to repent, if you climb on the rampage.

The bandits in the dream show the various manifestations of fear, anxiety and jealousy. Men such dream heralds the presence of rivals or fierce competition in operation. Teenagers, fighting with the bandits in their dreams, are the life stages of growing up, independence and self-reliance.

In women’s dreams, fight means fight with annoying fans who claim to love relationship, or my ex-husband, the bridegroom. Sometimes this dream foretells a serious dispute or actively defend their freedom and independence.

To beat, to defeat and kill in a dream bandits – to the victory of life over difficult circumstances. You will be able to handle myself in any situation. To be a thug and fight on their side – a dangerous and risky action. Look to your friends – maybe they’re not as sincere as you think, and in life prepare you unexpected trap.

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