To see bananas in a dream, dream interpretation

What have bananas?

What have bananas, sleeper

What have bananas, sleeper

Dream Interpretation Of Freud.

Banana stands as a symbol of masculinity. That is, if you see yourself in the process of eating bananas, in principle, no reason to worry there. In private life you are happy, and you consider your future with this man very positively. If you think that you are ripping Mature bananna in the dream, then in reality you are trying to dominate the partner play in your relationship leading role. But the cleansing process of this fruit from the rind can only mean that you have intention to deprive of the power of men.

Culinary dream book

When you dream you were in the hands of a banana, it’s sorrow that you can’t tell. If you started to eat, then we can expect a quarrel that breaks out due to your fault.

Esoteric dream book

Eat bananas in dreams to the manifestation of hidden sexual needs. If the fruit is rotten, then you have a small problem. Therefore, bunches of bananas – a pleasant sexual partner.

Summer dream

To dream of a luxurious banana bunch – to the small trouble.

Autumn dream interpretation

Bananas can dream on the eve of the collapse of the business.

Dream Interpretation Miller G.

If you become a dream, in which there are bananas, then this can be interpreted as a quick conversation with uninteresting companion. Eat bananas – to delve into risky and unnecessary to impose other people’s responsibilities. The banana trade provides only a hobby a piece of cake.

Combined dream book

Eating the rotten banana is not a pleasant dream, which means undertaking in cases that do not bring pleasure. Most often, this fruit symbolizes the risk, trouble, and even the betrayal of a loved one.

Dream interpretation of the modern woman

The banana is traditionally the symbol of the development of sexuality, of pleasure. Reason to worry not, because you are satisfied with the partner. Pluck these fruits in a dream – to try to take over the men’s position.

The Jewish dream book

The one who in his dreams bananas in the house, can hope for a loving experience, if a dream of spring. If this information came to the dreamer in the summer, then soon he will get a well-deserved gift, in the autumn we can expect disappointment in business in the winter – to success.

Magical dream interpretation

To see nerospilia bananas – heavy meeting. There are them – on the eve of the feast, guests at the ceremony. If you were a dream in which someone you buy this fruit, soon you’ll discover a boring person.

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