What a dream balcony in the dream

A dream in which a balcony in the center of events, promises joy, a raise at work and maybe a good guy, if the dreamer is a woman that was standing in the loggia, she is the dream that can carry the news of an unwanted pregnancy. Loving each other people are saying goodbye, talking (together) on the balcony to separation. Balcony – isolation from the outside world and even loved ones. Ruined terrace – to the disappointment. Jump through it to the arrogant things that come to regret. Husband it repairs, restores in an attempt to breathe new life into family relationships.

Dream balcony

To dream balcony

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The balcony described in the dream as a career move up, if this extension seemed at my own house. On another – to find true love, disappointment in the existing relationship.

Climbing to the balcony – to overcome difficulties. Stand on it – the experiences that are unfounded. Look down and fear – unwillingness to take responsibility.

Many loggias to empty talk.

Esoteric dream book

All the attention to the events on the balcony. People and objects which there meet the dreamer, may soon be gone from this man’s life. But their fate is still not determined. Perhaps the dream indicates a lack of a sense of security and stability.

Fell the balcony warns against future injuries. It is a sign that can occur in an accident, you need to be careful.

Erotic dream book

To dream of a balcony for couples to breakup. For women with unwanted news about the interesting position. Perhaps soon will come the bad news about long-forgotten one, or the fan.

For men to intimate omnivorous, it’s time to make a choice in favor of one woman and being faithful. For a woman this dream promises a breakup with a lover, whose place will not be empty long.

The Dream Miller

Balcony for a couple – a sign of the imminent and final separation. Symbol of news about acquaintances.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

If you saw in a dream such an extension, this means deep knowledge about an objective look at the problem, which should be observed. For loved ones – unfortunately, the balcony means separation. See below – to the disappointment of life.

Dream interpretation according to the seasons

The balcony to see the infidelity of the second half, viewed from the top of passers-by – a pleasant acquaintance. To fall from the balcony of the dream book interprets this as a dream come true.

Love dream interpretation

Loved standing on such Annex, the dream hints about the possible end of their affair. If he’s soon awake and end, it is better not to fall into despair on the horizon will be a new companion.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the zealot

To be on the balcony – a good sign, the probability of success in your endeavors, but fall off a balcony in a dream – a negative result of dreams.

Ukrainian dream book

Having a balcony to obvious changes in the service – any successful promotion or demotion.

A modern dream book

To be on the balcony for a fun event. Jump from him to unnecessary risk. To stand on high balconies – up to high self-esteem.

Dream Interpretation Freud

The balcony can be seen as a symbol of woman’s bust. Standing on the balcony a female preoccupation with its appeal. For men – obsessed with the opposite sex, promiscuous.

The crumbling balcony to collapse of hope. It is better to soberly assess their capabilities in reality, then you will not have to be disappointed.

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