What does a dream in which you see the bag?

Great importance is the size of the bag. The actions that were committed with a bag, also play an important role.

Bag in sleep

What it means to see the bag in your sleep

Autumn dream interpretation

Bag in a dream warns about the small of the disappearance of the money.

Ukrainian dream book

If you dream you saw the empty bag, it speaks about your stinginess and greed.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

If you dream you see the mess in my bag, you need to restore order in their own lives. There is so much chaos and disorder. The color of the bags is also important. White bag – it to the service of the novel. Red says that you need to look on the other hand on the adjacent person. A dream about the black bag may have two interpretations. First – you are waiting for new acquaintances and pleasant conversation. The second sad news.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

A dream about a big bag of money – you will find excellent earnings. If the bag was empty – you feel hope for soon good luck. These hopes are not groundless, and in the near future will become a reality.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

If in the dream you, as always, left the house with my bag, but suddenly noticed that it was tattered and old, be careful. On this day, you should not do important things. They will not be successful. Set them aside until a more favorable moment.

The bag of money dreaming of a big and unexpected income. To dream big bills in the bag, and small coins means you can’t focus your thoughts on your home. If in the dream you pull up or steal from someone’s bag, be careful. Because of the reckless action, you can lose a lot.

Erotic dream book

If you dream you put your clothes in the bag and are afraid to be late, it suggests that your jealousy is unfounded. You yourself drew a picture and believe it. If in the dream you showed your bag without a handle, you will lose a good friend. The reason for this is your negligence, ingratitude and a relaxed attitude to his failures and worries.

Russian folk dream interpretation

If you happen to find a bag in a dream means that you will have a new buddy. Another interpretation of this dream – you learn a secret about their friends. The loss of the bag – changes in life or the coming trouble. If you dream you helped someone carry a bag, so, in reality, you need help and support. If you dream you were a huge bag and you had to run on a rocky trail, you will meet obstacles on the way to your goal. You want to overcome them yourself. But this is not worth it. If you offer help, do not give up on her.

Children’s dream book

The bag is a symbol of knowledge and experience. If it is small in size, the person feels helpless and a failure. Big bag in a dream suggests that you assume too much. You do not notice that people around you are much smarter and more capable than you.

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