Had the axe, dream interpretation

To dream of an axe – what does that mean? According to some commentators, this household item can become a terrible weapon in the wrong hands. Here and there he dreams of violence and bloodshed. Peacefully minded connoisseurs of dreams believe that the dream of an ax to desire change in sexual terms. What are some other interpretations of this symbol?

What a dream axe

What a dream axe

Summer dream

Night vision foretells that you will part with a favorite with the scandal.

Dream interpretation white mage Longo

Axe in a dream warns of real danger. Try not to meet unreliable people. But if the stick in tool no, your detractors were wrong, and will not cause harm.

Small dream book of Veles

To take an axe to toil, to cut them something to fight.

Dream interpretation of the writer Aesop

If the dreamer something cuts (except meat and bones), so he will get what he bargained for through wit and cunning. Had to cut meat or bones? For rudeness and straightforwardness you will cause psychological trauma to a loved one. If in the dream the villain swung at you with an axe, carefully read all contracts, you may want to cheat. Sharpen the blade of this tool is to take an unnecessary risk.

French dream book

This tool in the dream warns that you’re in a dark cloud. Be careful.

Erotic dream book

If you keep the ax, the dream says that you are the leader in erotic relations, is completely subordinated to the partner. And you like this absolute power. Dreamed that you go with a raised axe? To have appeared surrounded by schemers who want to ruin your reputation.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

If you dream that you are a lumberjack, soon you will settle all problems.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

According to this dream book, a hatchet seen in a dream – to trouble. But to take it in hand and begin to work to receive good profit.

Esoteric dream book

For women to keep an ax in a dream – to the novel with a strong and daring man, real macho. Man this dream foretells a career in the power structures.

Women’s dream book

This dream interpretation what dream axe, you need a lot of effort and energy to learn to enjoy life. To see a lot of people with axes – a pleasant conversation with a fun and cheerful company.

The girl tool a dream to the emergence of smart and cute, but not very wealthy fiancé. The axe, covered with rust or chipping on the blade, portends poverty and disease.

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