Had a loft, what does it mean

What dreams the attic?

the attic in my dream

The attic in my dream, meaning?

Spring dream interpretation

Attic for sleeping in the dream in order to warn about the visit of the threat of a robbery.

Summer dream

If you managed to visit in my sleep in the attic, then your actions are greedy. In real life, are you willing to do a sinful thing to earn money.

Autumn dream interpretation

A sleeping man should be ready for difficulties in reality, if he had a attic.

Russian folk dream interpretation

The attic, as a rule, symbolizes the mystery of the past, a real mystery. If you dream you climbed into the attic, and he was old and abandoned, the reality is that your business is not very smooth. Do you miss the time when I was a successful person. Dry grass in the attic is to rely on fate and not do anything to change it. If you are unable to climb the old attic, as the search of the stairs ended in failure, it is necessary to assume that in reality you’re trying to solve a long-standing problem and don’t find a way to solve it.

Women’s dream book

If you had an attic that I want to climb and you can do it, it means that you deliver around fun activities that do not bring you joy. To see yourself in the attic – up to unrealistic expectations. If a poor man had a dream in which he without any interference coming up the stairs to the attic, he will be able in reality to fix the situation for the better.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Old and dusty attic that you climb in a dream suggests that soon you will meet with an old acquaintance, with whom to classes amorous pleasures. This man has long harbored a liking to you. In real life, you will have the opportunity to connect. This will be a real discovery. When the dreamer is trying to hide something in the attic, it speaks about the efforts of man to solve their problems and make this happen. It is not necessary to take the help from the outside.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

In this dream the mess in the attic symbolizes the mess in my head. Attic characterizes the psychological state when in the attic that burns in dreams, then you have the threat to survive the madness.

A modern dream book

The attic in the dream suggests a new hobby in real life.

Esoteric dream book

Bright loft for sleeping suggests that the creative data is necessary to be able to use, and talents to apply to the case. Should educate ourselves, not just clever. Dark and littered with trash attic can be explain as the amount of bad thoughts in the mind of the sleeper. To be locked in the attic – your dreams can’t be realized in reality because they don’t have enough space.

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