What a dream attack?

According to interpretations, the attack in the dream does not augur well to the sleeping person in real life. The most detailed interpretation of dreams is based on the emotions of the dreamer, its role in the negative situation.

what dreams attack

What a dream attack?

The dream dictionary from A to z

To the dreamer the negativity from his side in the form of unjustified accusations directed at another person or group of people, heralds gossip and intrigue.

To succumb to condemnation and criticism – to the repayment of debts, improvement of the material condition.

The sudden attack in the dream warns of danger on the way, the upcoming hard way. If the attacker saw the man holding a pitchfork, the dreamer should be careful in his entourage appeared and envious competitors who will do anything to achieve a goal.

Esoteric dream book

To see themselves as the victims of the attack witches, evil spirits or demons – failures in work and personal life. To fight in the dream, defending himself from evil forces, a dream to the refutation of slander and prove his innocence.

Attack the person during sleep using a knife sword, sword, sword), – injustice and cruelty of the dreamer in relation to friends and family.

The attack in the dream, sharks and other representatives of the water world in the dream promises a failure, it is difficult treatable disease, despair.

If a person dreams that he is attacked the snake, in the future, he should beware of the antics of detractors. The vision of an angry cat, unjustly attacked the dreamer, warns about the trials in which he will lose and will suffer material losses.

A modern dream book

What dreams assault, if the person playing the role of victim? To the news of the betrayal of a loved one, a quarrel on the basis of the information received.

The role of attacking someone in a dream marks a coming trouble and excitement. The dreamer may soon expose the secret enemies of their environment.

For lovers of men dream about the attack gives the following definition: should be a little stricter in relation to your second half.

Dream Interpretation Of Sigmund Freud

If the sleeping man saw a group attack in which he participated, he was tormented by the uncertainty of his own sexuality. He is not able to independently take the first steps toward the object of passion, he needs the support of a friend or acquaintance with a confident woman.

The dreamer saw how he attacked alone on someone, sadistic and in relationships with the opposite sex is often violent.

Prividevshayasya attack for women means that she lacks emotions and feelings, personal life isn’t enough for her.

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