What does dreams about ashes

The last reminder of what has passed and to return it will not be possible, it is ash. Almost every dream interpretation treats it as a pessimistic sign. It can be expected that feelings will cool off, professional growth will stop, and hope for the best will remain only dreams. But this period of life should be seen as a kind of point – last, after an unfortunate phase, but also as the origin of a more favorable period.

dream interpretation ashes

As the dream books interpret what dreams ash

The American dream

Ash, warns a sleeper, may be the embodiment of something essential, to reveal the essence of the ongoing reality of events or relations. Also it is a symbol of obstacles, through which the dreamer in real life will be able to cleanse your soul.

Small dream book of Veles

The ashes dream when in the near future, the dreamer may enter into the rights of inheritance. Sprinkle to a possible change of point of view, the solution.

Muslim dream interpretation

Cigarette ashes, ashes, describes how a dream can warn of impending conflicts, misunderstandings, health problems. It is worthwhile to relate to people from their environment and their health.

A modern dream book

Undesirable or unfortunate changes can predict the dream was ashes. You need to carefully monitor its primary activities. If dreaming-awake disturbed children, it is important to strengthen control over them, but let it be unobtrusive. For farmers, the dream will become a warning about a small harvest. Maybe it is better to plant a different culture? For business people the ashes – a symbol of a failed operation. Now it is better to only trust yourself, and making important decisions to move on then.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The black stripe in life no one likes, but to be mentally prepared for the fact that sometimes suffer disappointment and failure. Ash advance warning of the dreamer.

But the ashtray, which give in a dream means rapid recuperation, success will not be forthcoming.

Ashtray with ashes and cigarette to rash step. Moment of weakness, violate the fact that lined up more than one year.

Dream interpretation for lovers

Now relations are experiencing a difficult period. If the pair survive, against the coldness of one of the partners, will come happiness.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn

Burning, items leave behind ashes. And mental state – just after surviving an unpleasant situation, complex introspection, can be purified and feel truly happy. This is the substance prepared by a life of suffering.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

Perhaps that is already dead and will not return to life dreams – it says to see the ashes.

In a relationship can slip cold. It is better not to waste time on empty finding out who is right. The main thing – to remember what unites, and try to refresh the senses.

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