Dream artist-the man – that says a dream about this?

According to the dream book, an artist that you met in a dream is considered auspicious. You will restore the relationship with the person with whom long had quarreled. But the interpretation can vary depending on the details of the vision.

dream artist

What dream does the artist dream?

Dream Interpretation Of Filomena

Had a popular artist – your family honest with you. If you dream you saw the artist removes make – up, to disease. To see the actors on a stage someone wants to deceive you.

If you dream that you are an artist, you have secrets that you wish to hide. To see themselves exposed on stage – the last time you debilitating chronic stress.

If you are as an artist, but absolutely do not care, in life you are very opinionated. If you dream you are nervous at work make an offer you will not be able to take.

Combined dream book

According to this dream interpretation, if the artist washes his face after the show and you watch it, soon you will get worse health, if you don’t consult a good specialist, the disease will become chronic.

To speak in my sleep in front of a large number of people – you don’t want others to know about the secret side of your life.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Watch the performances – you will learn something that will disappoint you. Also, this dream foretells lies with other people, you will feel the hypocrisy in communicating with others. To dream of a woman-the artist – will soon be a trouble to eliminate it, will have to exert a lot of effort.

Family dream book

The dream artist-the man you met in a dream, foretells the revival of old ties. You may be able to meet this famous person, and this relationship will further help you achieve your goals.

To attend the concert, which gives the artist – to quarrel with a good friend. Being on stage and being too tired in life, you are exhausted and stressed, you need rest. To be an artist, to speak and to forget the text – you are confident and not afraid to do their job.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

Visit the concert of the artist alone – the rift in relations with close people. On the street to meet a famous artist – to explore the public figure. If you dream you want to become an artist, in reality you find it hard to be yourself. Relax in the company of people, some of whom are actor – to parting with a loved one. To drink with the artist – will soon spend a large sum of money. To attend a performance of artist friends – among you there is a conflict.

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