Drafted into the army in the dream

The army in the dream is an aggressive sign, associated with the use of force, the appearance of empty and energy-consuming Affairs, decisive actions.

Dream army

What a dream, what the army took in the dream

Dream interpretation according to the seasons

Walking the streets marched soldiers – satisfaction from a job well done.

Had a foreign army to empty talk, perhaps to disputes turn into conflict.

Another option is to fire.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Dream interpretation interprets the symbol of the army as a brake light. It is time to reconsider your plans for future life.

If in a dream he saw a moving military equipment, in reality, have to wait for the petty arguments that will greatly disturb the nervous peace of mind and lead to depression. Better to protect yourself and not engaging in debate. They are equally meaningless.

Walking parade soldiers – sign of family change. When the dreams that a dreamer was escorted to the service – you can expect a nice word from the parents or the children.

Service in the armed forces in reality promises to bring financial stability or even gain.

Dream Interpretation Of Nostradamus

A dream in which taken into the army, especially under the leadership of commander, may indicate the reality of falling under the influence of a strong, solid person (boss, friend, relative). Well, if this is a good man. It will help to solve problems.

To be called to the conflicts that embroiled much of the dreamer, he is against will be the participation in it, because the resist will not be.

Had the army of the enemy speaks of dishonest methods to get what you want. To be a General to the hidden talents that others do not realize or do not believe in the possibility of the dreamer.

Esoteric dream book

The army, as a symbol, may indicate the negative emotions of the dreamer. He will lead to unpleasant conversations, if you go on about the unbalanced nature of a bad mood or someone’s provocation.

Dream Interpretation Zhou-Gong

To dream the army China dream books explain this as a hidden symbol of the future, reputation change, if the army manages by someone else.

A positive sign remains the entrance to the city on a warhorse. Bad – if the army returned to the city. Perhaps the old disease will manifest itself. Went to fight the soldiers to unfinished business. Attack the enemy army and win – to achieve the goal.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

When you take to serve in the army – a sign of uninteresting things or orders that entrust in reality a dreamer, but moral satisfaction to expect from him to no avail. Will have to exert a lot of force. It is also a symbol of internal contradictions.

Ukrainian, Hebrew and old Russian dream book

Army foretells a fire.

Gypsy dream book

This is one of the few downers, which assures the positive initiatives, if you see in the dream army. The main advantage of such a warlike sign – help the dreamer, which comes from » a strong and hopeful person.

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