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The images in dreams come to us not by chance. How to know designs their subconscious or they are warnings from the other world about upcoming events? Most dream books agree that hugging in a dream – to change in life, often to the bad. A particular situation is interpreted in the well-known dream books differently. Let’s look at them and compare interpretations.

To hug in my sleep

To hug in my sleep

Small dream book of Veles

If a girl dreams that her hugging a guy, it’s a disease or something bad. If she is hugging a stranger is to the road, a woman to cheat with you, relatives – to quarrel.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

What have the arms for this interpreter? Also to major quarrels and betrayals.

Spring dream interpretation

Embrace the promise of a long work in a cohesive and friendly team.

Summer dream

To hug someone is the emergence of new friendships.

Esoteric dream book

Embrace the promise of friendly support and assistance.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

It is not so clearly describes the value. In any event there are a variety of assessments depending on the situation.

Hugging in a dream man, while experiencing negative emotions (anger, guilt, depression, sadness), to the differences between you. Positive emotions are unpleasant is irrelevant.

Hugging ex – husband, you must hold on to the past, can’t let him go. This you can destroy your current or future relationships, think more about the upcoming good times, do not live in the past.

Hugged father around with you insincere, hiding something from you. Hugged mother and you are worried for her, and for the health of other people close to you, want to help people in trouble. Sleep with his mother may promise a meeting with relatives.

Hugged older brother, your future is bright and smooth, the younger brother will have unpleasant duties possible contingencies.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

What a dream to hug a friend? The interpreter sees this as success in business, execution is scheduled, the recognition of colleagues or a raise. Hugging a friend means to her in real life need your help.

If you quarrel, you should reconcile, because you both want it. Took a secret lover? Apparently, your communication will soon come out that will lead to family conflict, showdown. Hugged in the dream the celebrity, the star of show business or famous politician – your self-esteem goes real limits, try to do another activity.

To embrace the deceased in a dream always been a negative Outlook. It can affect health, career and personal life. If the deceased lay in a coffin – a probable protracted severe illness. Pass the examination, at an early stage of the disease is easily curable.

Embrace in a dream with a deceased father, most likely, was triggered by a real situation, I reminded him. You miss him, you need protection. Make an effort, and things will improve.

Embrace in a dream with his dead mother confirm that you still miss, miss her. You need a real, sincere love, which you gave mom. To hug in a dream of the deceased grandfather will be little troubles and unpleasant experiences that take much time, but things will get better.

Hugging in a dream boy for career growth, and his son – to family quarrels over finances or parenting. Embrace the girl-child in the dream is a favorable sign, it brings good luck.

Hug the dog – will soon meet with friends, if the dog was big, so it will be best, loyal friend. Hugging and petting the horse will meet with an old friend in a warm, relaxed atmosphere.

Hug a Dolphin – to meet creative, interesting people; a bear – you will patronize successful and influential people. Hugging cat – careful, you can fall under the influence of a selfish person who only thinks about himself.

Chinese dream interpretation

What dream hug from a husband or wife according to Chinese astrology? Clearly, this is a sign of happy events and wonderful moments. But to hug my kids, son or daughter – quarrels and arguments.

The Dream Miller

He interprets the dreams with open arms depending on the emotional coloring of sleep. If the dream was pleasant, and everything in life will go smoothly, but if in the dream was present sadness, anxiety, and sadness, then this will be reflected in a real situation.

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