What dreams of fish the woman

Aquarium dream – what could it be? They say that a crowded vessel portends problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and empty depression. What about the interpreters of dreams:

Aquarium dream

Aquarium dream

Dream interpretation white mage Longo

To feed the inhabitants of the aquarium predicts a lot of routine work. Please be patient. Tidy jar and fill it with clean water – such a vision speaks of hidden enemies, lurking in your environment. Be careful: you can stab in the back.

An empty aquarium in my dream subconscious issues if you are not very satisfied with the relatives don’t take you as an inspiration. The conflict involves, according to dream interpretation, an aquarium is broken. Dreaming about purchasing a giant beautiful aquarium warns against large and not very justifiable expense. But buying cute little vessels – the smart waiver initiated the idea.

Summer dream

Watch in my sleep for a game of exotic fish and reptiles in the big and clean aquarium to the long-awaited date with your idol.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To dream aquarium containing fresh water with frolicking there the inhabitants, promises the solution to all problems, career growth, especially if the capacity is huge. An empty vessel dictates that man on that count, fool. You will find a what’s shed aquarium with water it assumes a sudden profit, such as inheritance, sudden career or financial gain. If you decided to swim in the dream in a large aquarium, you need to fear theft or damage in reality.

Ukrainian dream book

To dream of an aquarium with fish in someone else’s house – to the great joy and fun. However, this marks a big problem and hassle.

Spring dream interpretation

An empty aquarium in the dream appears if a fan or fan completely cold to you.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

He’s talking about, what have fish in the aquarium. They portend relaxation, sometimes complete stupor in business. Time to take a break.

Family dream book

Dreaming of a cat catching fish and you see this easily? Disaster on you and loved ones can bring your flippant attitude to life. Change the water in the vessel heralds the imminent changes. This dream also tells what dream fish woman, especially the young. It is always up to offers of marriage from wealthy men. However, it will not be too sympathetic to the bride. So the pair probably won’t be happy in marriage.

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