What does a dream in which you see the apples?

Ripe apples are treated in fairy tales witches good fellows and red girls, giving them prosperity and happiness. The kings send their sons to distant lands for gold apples – a symbol of youth. What have apples in normal, not fairytale life?

what have apples

What have apples

Women’s dream book

Apples is a reward for some action, a symbol of wisdom. If the dreamer is watching the hanging tree-ripened fruit – which means it’s time to stop to reflect. It’s time to act!

You tear the apples from the branches – a clear sign that soon you will pull to science, to the study of natural phenomena. Maybe you will make interesting discoveries.

Eat apples in a dream – a warning about the imminent conversation with a senior person and smart, who will give the dreamer’s life experience. But if I had to try the tainted apples – the efforts will be in vain.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

Apples dream to tears.

The Dream Miller

A good sign is the Apple seen in a dream. A particularly favorable Outlook for the future is a dream predicts when the fruits are ripe, red, hanging on the branches, ready to rip them

What might have apples lying on the ground? The dream Miller, this is a warning dream: among your friends can worm their way are traitors.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Apples symbolize love and knowledge, but at the same time a temptation and a sin. Be careful.

Culinary dream book

To see apples in a dream – a good sign, and not so good. If they Mature, then this is the precursor of a successful marriage; if quite green – the dreamer awaiting the labors and sorrows.

Lunar dream book

A dream where apples are ripe, signifies the marriage (marriage). The sight of baked apples in a dream – a sign of someone’s use. Sweet apples – fun, guilty – to joy.

Small dream book of Veles

All plans will come true the one who sees in a dream the apples. In addition, the dream promises a significant profit. Unmarried men will meet Ms. right.

If a woman sees a dream in which stealing apples, is the news of the upcoming addition to the family.

The pair dropped close to fruit from the same tree – a sign of the birth of twins or twins.

There are green fruits – to the disappointment and sorrow.

Erotic dream book

A man sees a dream in which the girl offers him a ripe fruit, is a person in real life tries to seduce him. Be alert! Woman says Apple – so she wants to attract man.

Russian folk dream interpretation

To dream of apples still green and try to disrupt them means that you too rush things. Moderate fervor.

Take a bite of rotten fruit – to the loss of life goals and interests.

Collect in a dream fruit – most likely, you are trying to get something for you is out of reach.

A modern dream book

Apples can dream to quarrel and conflict.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

Apples symbolize desire. I see a lot of apples in a dream means that in life you overcome many desires. They can be secret and to go from the depths of the subconscious.

Esoteric dream book

You had a green fruit – you are young at heart. The fruit is spoiled? You need to allow yourself to dream and set more goals, because a rotten Apple – a sign of incipient aging of the soul.

Wormy Apple of a possible imminent disease.

A ruddy Apple – a symbol of blooming health.

The American dream

Apples – it is your life force. Big apples in a dream – you have a good life potential.

Icelandic dream book

In the dream of the apples to see – to longevity.

Assyrian dream book

The dreamer, snacking on an Apple in a dream dreams can rejoice: in reality, it will reach its goals.

The newest dream book

Apples dream to good health. If such a dream saw suffering from any ailment – it is waiting for a speedy recovery.

Oriental dream book

Favorably interprets the Eastern dream interpretation of dreams about apples. If the dreamer decided to collect the apples in a dream and put in the basket is a sign that it applied to the implementation of any plans in reality efforts are not in vain. But it may take a lot of time before the goal is realized.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

If you eat apples in a dream means, it’s time to engage in health promotion. In addition, the probability of meeting with an older man, which will have to take care of.

In General, apples are a good, favorable sign.

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