Dream interpretation: white clothes in a dream

It is considered that the dreams in which people saw the clothes, carries with it an ambiguous interpretation. The interpretation of the visions of clothing dream books interpret depending on the details – what she was wearing, what was the thing, its color and other characteristics.

What dreams clothes dream interpretation

What dreams clothes dream interpretation

Dream Interpretation Filomena

The dream book says that the clothes in the dream, predicts its owner related changes in material aspects. These include the promotion or acquisition of any items.

Lifting of items of clothing sleeping portends some effort to achieve some goal, which will not be implemented in the near future.

If in the dream things got dirty, it indicates that the person has ill-wishers who wish to build on his false accusations. After this dream should be careful with public statements about their successes and achievements.

If during sleep the person finds clothes, so in his life it soon will succeed. Losing things can indicate trouble at work.

Women’s dream book

Update your wardrobe in dreams carries with it the appearance of positive events in reality. The interpretation of the wash in a dream depends on its result. If things eventually became so clean that you can expect success in all your endeavors. In the case where the washing resulted in the damage of linen, the sleeping person may face trouble.

White clothes in a dream often serves as a symbol of happiness and prosperity. The color of things, determines the internal emotional state of a person. For example, red – the color of love means to manifest the sympathy of others. Black color dream to quarrels and unplanned financial expenses, green rich.

Small dream book of Veles

This commentator argues that the white clothing in some cases can be a precursor of illness and other troubles.

Erotic dream book

The appearance in a dream of fashion items may be an indication that intimate relationship with your partner is based on the calculation. A person who sees such a dream, it is recommended to take a closer look for their second halves and to perform the specifics of their Union. The appearance is spoiled, torn outfits warns about the irresponsibility of their owner.

A dream in which to sleep wearing someone else’s clothes, foretells disappointment and frustration. If wearing things is not like the others, this fact may indicate the presence of rivals, or otherwise show their envy.

Borrowing things from other people means that in real life sleeping need help and support.

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