What a dream in which you see the animals?

Dreams animals represent human qualities (cunning, friendliness, bravery or cunning). Dreams about animals reveal the essence of man, his hidden desires and unrealized possibilities. It is important, which animals had and how they behaved in relation to sleeping.

Animals in dreams

What it means to see animals in a dream

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Wild animals represent strength, freedom and firmness of their own beliefs. A wounded wild beast predicts success in the professional sphere. Animals locked in a cage, dreaming to win over the enemy.

Pets, if they are healthy and happy, promising financial stability, and harmony in family relationships and a cozy atmosphere in the house. A sick pupil dream to domestic troubles and financial problems.

What dream dead animals, depends on a domestic or wild animal. The death of a pet warns about the possible loss of something precious to the sleeping man. Dead wild beast represents deliverance from danger.

Young, small and helpless, promise marital bliss or motherhood. Fabulous animals predict the fulfillment of a long cherished dream. A house full of Pets, dream to anxiety and lack of sense of security.

Dream Interpretation Lofa

What dream animal, a lot or a single large animal can be understood by analyzing their feelings from a meeting with them, and the qualities of each of them. For example, the Fox represents cunning and deceit, dream to meet a man who has similar traits.

Killing an animal, if it is justified by the protection or production of food, evidence of responsibility towards loved ones. Unmotivated murder – the personification of the hidden anger, the lack of fulfilment of desires or the desire to violate any prohibitions.

Hungry, exhausted animals warn of difficult times. Ancestors believed that such dreams are the harbingers of famine. Modern interpreters associate the appearance of in a dream the hungry animals with the problems of interpersonal relations.

Erotic dream book

Animals in a dream, according to this interpretation, predicting non-committal sexual relations. This dream indicates your desire to follow your passion despite the responsibilities.

Dream Interpretation Freud

The desire to have a pet is the desire to realize the maternal instinct (for women) and to have a wife and children (for men). To kill in her sleep pet – dissatisfaction in marriage. A sick animal – the symbol of fear for the lives and health of their children.

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