What a dream angel

A dream in which an angel plays a role, can be interpreted ambiguously. It is the embodiment of a certain informer (newsletter), so in the near future will come unexpected news. Good or bad – you need to understand thoroughly, all may not be as it seems. To fight, to fight angel to serious health problems, the possible demise of a loved one. Dead angel – the loss of a child, black – sorrow, lewd behavior, in tears. To see yourself in the role of heavenly messenger it means that someone expects from a dreamer to the material or spiritual help. For women see the angel – to the emergence of feelings for a virgin man, for a guy such a dream means internal signal – it is time to end sexual indiscretions and pay attention to the romance and deep feelings.

Dream angel

What does it mean to dream of an angel

Dream interpretation according to the seasons

In this dream the angel is the bearer of good or bad news. The result of the cases that disturb the dreamer, is positive, a Higher Power will help. But don’t let it go.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

To dream of angel means a success in business, a good sign. All arranged by itself.

If you see yourself in the image of this winged messenger, the reality of the need to really assess their capabilities.

Crying angel – it’s time to repent in acts. Calling for the sky to disease or death.

If smiling to meet a new man who will bring happiness and love.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

Dream angel – symbol of the good news, good news (often rapid enrichment of the dreamer or his friends). To contact him, to ask something — the loss of a friend. Hovering above the house – keeping houses Higher powers. Comes into the house to steal, it is necessary to strengthen the protection of housing.

Muslim dream interpretation

Islam sees in a dream a messenger if he did not appear in the form of a woman, only a positive sign. Fortune, honor and security expected of such a person. Contempt (insulting, hitting, to talk to a messenger of Heaven) will lead to the eventual death of the dreamer or his close person.

A lot of sad angels hovering over a certain place, tell me quick unpleasant event in the area. Perhaps someone will suffer for the faith.

Talking about it, and angels, treated fruit or smiling.

Dream interpretation of the modern woman

The angel appears in a dream as a sign that help from an influential person will come in difficult times. The reality of the dreamer is surrounded by trustworthy companions. For married women, the angel promises the durability of the Union. Several heavenly messengers hint at the imminent appearance of the same number of children.

Says the angel to joyous news.

With a scroll – to diseases.

Trumpet – a symbol of the suffering from false accusations.

A dream where the wings of an angel, tells – of the internal forces will be enough to implement the plans.

Esoteric dream book

Angel in the usual form, with wings, promises in reality, trouble, disorder. But the man in the dream, I think of this celestial messenger, can in reality help to get out of a conflict situation.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

Expectations in life assistance, patronage or protection can symbolize appeared in a dream an angel. He acts as an incarnation of the mother – her total constant care and assistance.

Sometimes the angel is a projection of his more «Me», what the dreamer wants.

This image may be the sign of death, sorrow that is associated with the divine appointment of these creatures.

The main thing – to remember joyful or sad was the angel what he was doing.

You may need to examine your life and understand the problem or health of the loved ones.

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