What does the dream about the Park

Such a deep and meaningful symbol of the Park, used not only by psychotherapists, psychologists, and interpreters of dreams. You can find out the value encoded in each tree. But the stands will tell about the health, the relationship of the dreamer with the world and loved ones, about his health.

dream Park

Dream interpretation will tell you about the Park

English dream interpretation

Blooming green, multivalent Park, according to the dreams, promises good changes. The work will succeed, the old ties with good people is restored, and a new love will last for many years.

A walk in the Park – a sign of good luck. Someone to walk up to the future change of the status of bachelor to family man.

Traveler, Explorer, agriculturist, merchant Park forecast earnings, catch, good luck.

Family dream book

A walk in the Park promises an exciting stay. A weekend or holiday you can plan in accordance wildest dreams, everything goes smoothly.

Spouses or future newlyweds walk together in the Park in reality will give many happy years. Lovers will be together to survive full of life events.

Dead trees, unkempt territory having to inner emptiness, self-destruction. Perhaps, guilt or loneliness gnawing at the dreamer. Need to cheer up. To sit in the company of friends, go to the movies with like a long time girlfriend (boyfriend) or to invite mom over for tea – a lot to recuperate will be required. But it is human warmth and conversation will help to find yourself.

A modern dream book

Amusement Park, according to the dream book, may hint at a genuine need to escape, to experience what it means heightened adrenaline. But be aware of the precautions will not prevent.

If a dreamer is visited in a dream not nice rides (for the kids or husband), it means waking fatigue due to the constant run of other people’s desires. It’s time to think about their interests.

Had a Ferris wheel – I want to see the world or take a look at his life from a new angle.

Shoot the target – it is time to plan for the future and execute it.

Park like planting, dominated by bare trees, and rotten leaves cover the ground, to a sharp change of wind of luck. But the exchange rate may change again.

Dream interpretation white magician Yuri Longo

Park dream on two occasions. The first value of the dream is a tip how to get mental strength and inner peace. It is time to be in nature. Let it be a forest, Park, Canoeing or just walking along the alley after work.

The second value is the excess light of feelings of which the dreamer does not dare to say to your loved one. Maybe a little hint or a simple heart to heart conversation will help to know what does he feel? Then it will be easier to identify with their sympathy.

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