What a dream amber in the dream

Amber dreams is a positive symbol that may Herald a love affair for young women or earnings for men. If sleeping in the dream wears jewelry made of amber, he was waiting for good news, a pleasant meeting, well-being. But in some cases, this dream may carry a negative value.

dream interpretation burshtin

To dream of amber

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

To dream of amber for luck. Find Burshtyn – to start a profitable business. If a girl receives a gift of jewelry with this stone, then she expects marriage, and the favorite will be generous and kind person.

The Jewish dream book

To wear jewelry with amber is to refuse a tempting offer.

To remove jewelry to avoid gossip and condemnation.

Silver with amber – caution needed in relations with colleagues.

To hold small trouble, illness.

Heart of amber – health, happiness.

Magical dream interpretation

If you have dreams of amber, then in your life everything will be all right. Lose the jewelry made of amber is to lose money out of sheer stupidity.


A large quantity of amber on the beach in the vision of the dreamer indicates his helplessness in the beginning of new things. Ask for help or advice from competent people. In this dream amber to wear – to be surrounded by enemies, and to buy – to spend money in vain.

Autumn dream interpretation

If you dream of amber, so in the near future of the dreamer waiting for some kind of temptation. Also, this dream may portend committing stupid mistakes. Amber mouth – there will be tears, frustration, resentment.

Dream interpretation of the psychologist Freud.

The woman, who saw in a dream that amber is a sign her life is entering a new period of love relationships, which she is completely ready. Maybe she will meet a very important person, which will be associated with her life afterwards. Give amber or amber jewelry – a fleeting relationship, separation from loved ones.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

To collect, you give things that you liked.

Gift with amber – a talisman against dangers and adversity, you have nothing to fear.

Swim – portends danger you can be in a circle of people who wish you evil, envious and gossip.

Oriental dream book

For young girls to see amber in a dream is a favorable sign. This means that her life light lucky star, and the sun will always Shine on her path. Amber necklace is to meet my beloved man, to find the bridegroom. To find or gather amber – the welfare comes in the house. Also, this vision may portend inheritance.

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