To dream of dead grandmother alive

People close to us, especially the older generation, always gave wise advice, and those who failed to meet them on the mortal earth, should listen to their counsel in dreams. To find out what a dream Granny, like to offer the following interpretation.

What a dream Granny alive

What a dream in which you see dead grandmother alive

The Dream Miller

He dreamed deceased grandmother alive and prepare to meet with adversity, overcome challenges will not be easy. In order to get out of the situation unscathed, listen to the advice of senior and experienced colleagues, relatives. Also a dream in which my grandmother died alive, is a reminder. Visit the graves of deceased relatives, to remember them, light a candle, say a prayer. Their souls are in need of memories and warm words. Beloved grandmother dream also to a reassessment of values. Soon you will begin to look at life through the eyes of others, you will overcome the nostalgia drags in places where took place your childhood.

People’s dreams

To dream about deceased grandmother living means that you will cope with the extra work will be richly rewarded. Talking with the dead – will be a difficult period, there may be problems at work, in business. To overcome the difficulties, you will have to gather strength, to restore full order in business. Also do not ignore the opinion of experienced people, ready to help you with not only wise advice, but also financial, and moral support. Grandmother in dreams appeared sick – take care of your health. Recently, you feel discomfort and weakness, so you should visit the doctor to adjust the mode of the day, engage in an active and healthy lifestyle.

Autumn dream interpretation

What dream dead grandmother alive to the attainment of spiritual values. You seek to purify himself, to dedicate his life to their loved ones. Also dream suggests that it is time to commemorate the dead relatives and not to forget about those old women who are still alive.

Spring dream interpretation

Be careful in your movements, don’t carry heavy loads, or have to go to the doctor with back pain. The figure of the old woman in the dream was vague and indistinct – your relatives will not leave you in trouble, expect them to help.

Children’s dream book

Sleep with your grandmother suggests that you go to bed on an empty stomach. We should not abandon the normal food, and excessive diets can lead to health problems.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Dreamed late grandmother alive will feel unwell. Communicate in a dream with grandma or grandpa – your plans are quite feasible. It just should not dismiss the wise counsel of the elders. Great sleep, if the meeting with the lady takes place at the cemetery. The case will go to the mountain, you will find financial prosperity.

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