What dream alcohol in the dream

Spirits seen in dreams can be interpreted in different ways. It can be an emergency sign of envy from others regarding the material enrichment of the one who saw alcohol in a dream. But this symbol could mean the exhilaration caused by the idea of sexual desire, creative by nature. To be drunk under the influence of alcoholic beverages means to participate in the high Jinks. It is possible to prepare in advance for the holiday – both morally and financially. To drink but not get drunk – a sign that the most incredible ideas come. It is only necessary to apply force. To be drunk – not a very good option. Be careful to set goals, not all of them are real. Maybe the dream wants to warn you about what to be serious in their desires.

Alcohol in a dream

Drinking alcohol in a dream

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

A lot depends on what using alcohol, downers, you can find the interpretation of the mind of alcohol.

Champagne – a good turn of Affairs. Vodka – to tears. Brandy – up to high positions, respect, but to the need to raise their level of knowledge, more interested in the events and the surrounding world. Rum – so will find a fun holiday where you can relax from the soul. Interesting remains the symbol of cognac. It symbolizes hidden sexual performance. To get drunk from it – to actions that harm health. Liqueur – the levity and brevity of happiness. Brew – to acute psychological experiences.

Dream interpretation white magician Yuri Longo

In dreams the sorcerer to drink alcohol alone – to the complex obligations that will be unnerving and will bring grief. To drink in the company of friends at the Banquet – a difficult choice. Perhaps between money and a sense of duty or affection. To see others drink alcohol, but not to touch him – good character. In reality, I saw this dream will be able to make a decision that will radically change life.

Dream interpretation according to the seasons

To buy alcohol – to buy. Expensive alcohol to purchase a good, cheap – money wasted.

To see, how somebody from friends or relatives drank alcohol in the dream – to the possible alcoholism of a loved one. This interpretation is exposed and seen in a dream a table with bottles of liquor.

If in a dream suggest the company to make the drinking of alcohol – we should expect troubles in communication (dreaming a dream about discord or potential rivalry).

Culinary dream book

Drinking alcohol in a dream calls to listen to «me». Perhaps there is a desire to experience the forbidden fruits. You need to be careful with your dreams. They can jeopardize reputation.

Dream Interpretation Jung

Drink in the dream alcohol for a possible yearning for the past (friends, carefree, relations). It may be some kind of reincarnation – as when Christ turned the water into wine. Often seen in the sleep of alcohol – a sign there was a psychological attachment to a seemingly forgotten bad habit. In reality you need to solve problems with alcohol to end, to find new goals and ways to relax.

Ukrainian dream book

Alcohol to dream of troubles and concerns.

To end drunk – a symbol of the richness that suddenly prompted. It will indicate and seen business activity, if someone in the dream sells alcohol.

Sometimes alcohol portends the real celebration, which he thinks he saw him in his sleep.

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