What a dream album in the dream

Album for photos that I saw in the dream is a symbol of the successful in business, relationships, Dating. For women is often a sign of meeting with a new love that will lead to the altar.

Album the dream

What does it mean to see the album in a dream

Dream interpretation according to the seasons

A dream in which the album sees a woman, could Herald a slight sadness or disappointment. If she sees a photo of his beloved – in reality he is a notorious Heartbreaker who secretly tries to bring happiness to every.

Women’s dream book

Album in dream is interpreted as a good omen. Looking at photos it promises a meeting of people who will become loyal friends. Success in your endeavors is guaranteed. You can pay attention to the plot of the photos, their color. Black and white image will tell you what time to meet elderly relatives. They are bored.

Erotic dream book

Even Freud claimed that the album is a symbol of the feminine. It is beautifully decorated – so, a woman in harmony with their relations. Man this dream hints that it’s time to deal with personal life.

If she quickly turns the pages, she’s too superficial about relations with the opposite sex. Examines the album – carefully choose sexual partners.

Ukrainian dream book

Album in a dream indicates a happy event, will also be meeting with close relatives, godfathers, brothers-in-law.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

You need to remember what was done with the album. Lose it – to the empty expectations, undue hassle. Write something — you can count on the support. It will be sincere and timely. Look to meet people that will leave a positive mark in life, to remember them will always be a pleasure.

Love dream interpretation

The album looks girl, can promise a meeting with a vibrant lover. It may not be the most memorable relationship. High probability that the only intimate relationship, this Union is not limited by that will. Not about a new love warns this dream?

Esoteric dream book

The album is a symbol of several possible events. If someone looks at that person most likely lives past relationships or thoughts that are gone and won’t let go. It’s time to mentally let go and not hold a grudge against the offenders.

The Dream Miller

Psychologist claims that such a dream, the predictor can only dream of. He points to personal happiness. Dream about meeting the «Prince» will soon come true, you should not miss the right person. If a woman does not trust her lover awake, then it is worth fighting for. It can lose its happiness, if not cease to torment him with reproaches. Maybe hurt the opponent. But love and wisdom will overcome all obstacles.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Seen album means a kind of amorous adventure, family – issues concerning life or the problems of relatives.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the zealot

The album is a happy sign.

Many interpretations are based on the psychological aspect. In the album people keep a photo reminiscent of the best events in our lives.

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