To dream of a plane – why?

Dreams in which there are a variety of vehicles that is not a rarity and can signal the approach of different events. To understand what a dream plane, refer to the various sources of the interpretation of dreams and highlight the most important points.

What a dream plane

What a dream plane

ABC of the interpretation of dreams

Had the aircraft is said about the possible imminent changes, fulfillment of desires or, on the contrary, the collapse of hopes. Late for the flight – a sign of fear of change, and the flight heralds the imminent life changes.

To see yourself as a pilot is to obtain the right to direct the actions of others. Answering the question of what dreams the plane fell, this source interprets this as gross interference by outsiders in your life.

Dream Interpretation Of Sigmund Freud

Flight of the aircraft means that a person does not perceive his life as the final version. He hopes to fix in the future, forgetting that time goes quickly and irrevocably.

If the plane in the dream, leaving only a trail in the sky, it is a harbinger of the imminent loss of something important. This may apply to the part of life to which many efforts have been made to improve the situation. It is not excluded that your partner will pull on the bit on the side.

Oriental dream book

The flight to the ship is a harbinger of good luck in commercial Affairs, and the acquisition of the aircraft, on the contrary, evidence of a failed investment. To dream of a plane that flew directly overhead, meaning that over man the clouds are gathering and it will be difficult to protect yourself from danger. For the girl who is going to marry, this vision could mean that the wedding is for some reason upset.

Erotic dream book

If you approach the interpretation of dreams with an intimate side, then the answer to the question, which means in the dream plane, shows a complete harmony in the relationship with the partner. Enjoy the romantic intimacy and do not turn it into a kind of sporting events, as currently you have it good.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If in the dream you’re employee of the aviation industry, this means that your hard work and faith will help in realization of ideas. You should also expect that, if a person is locked in a hangar with the aircraft. Although, if the room of the hangar will be empty in the future possible disappointment. Generally, to dream of the plane is a good omen that promises the realization of the hopes, and to watch the fall aerosun may be a harbinger of sudden love confession.

Dream interpretation of psychologist D. Lofa

Specialist in the field of psychology treats the subject, what a dream to fly on a plane, in its own way. Such a vision can be as ordinary and meaningless and significant. This is especially true for those people who are afraid to fly, so for them this new way of seeing – a way to overcome their own fears.

For someone surveillance plane in a dream is an unfulfilled sense of adventure, while single-handed control of the aircraft says about the ability to control the situation. In addition, such dreams can be associated with a sense of responsibility for the fate of others.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

Seen the plane symbolizes bravery, fortitude, new discoveries and knowledge. Flight onboard promise quick life changes. This dream also gives the interpretation of what dreaming about to miss the plane. Such visions are associated with a subconscious fear of change in different spheres of life.

Esoteric dream book

What having a plane in the sky from the point of view of esoterics? First, it means that to be successful your business needs a creative approach. Second, the promotion of ideas requires a more active solutions. Not be amiss to look closely to their surroundings, perhaps, timid and doubting people to the roots hinder your initiatives.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

This source gives several interpretations of what may dream plane. This vision says that your plans do not have a strong Foundation. Flights on the ship symbolize detachment from reality and obsessed fantasies. The long wait for arrival and departure is a harbinger of uncertainty in business.

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