What a dream on the air?

Air-filled space represents freedom of creativity, of thinking, of spirit. The dreamer needs to undertake creative work, it is easy for you. According to the dream, the air is your ability to rise above all the troubles, life problems, ability to deal with them. If you are facing important issues – the time to solve them.

Sleep air

Sleep air

Sensations and smells

What you felt in the dream, have fun, breathing, or was choking? The interpretation depends on your feelings, what kind of air you had.

  • Dirty – you have to face the struggles of life, the machinations of envious. Better to wait for the planned trip, otherwise the trip you will be in danger. Pay attention to their own health, possible exacerbation.
  • Clean – good health, life, full of all sorts of entertainment and joy. You will find prosperity and great success.
  • Warm, quiet, peaceful, serene life, mnogestvo of luck and success in family and at work.
  • Cold – difficulties in relationships with family, down to the cooling of feelings.
  • Wet – you’ll probably lose faith in myself or out of the ordinary events will break you.
  • With the scent of flowers – the joy that comes from relatives.
  • Gust – you are afraid of the unknown.
  • The feeling of lack of air – you all too often limit themselves in their actions, cannot fully realize their potential.
  • The whirling vortex – the changes that you are expecting.
  • Stale air in the room – be careful, you are in danger.

If you had hot air, but you have to breathe, they push you to commit a shameful act.

Colors and actions

The air that you dreamed about, could be transparent and colorless, and to have some kind of an unusual color.

Reddish or even red color – unpleasant conflict, hostilities, armed attack.

Light blue shade – you will find prosperity, money wealth, bountiful harvest.

Air moves dark threads of sadness, overcome illness or any losses.

The air is grey, the sky is dark – to trouble, distress.

The air was condensed, and from it formed a man – the fate prepared for you a big surprise, it will be associated with those who appeared in front of you. If you went by air, then you should expect travel, career take-off.

To fly in dreams for seriously ill people to the disease, for a healthy – good health, a surge of hormones, vital force.

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