What dreams crash on the machine

Intimate dream

What dreams crash? Such a dream portends a possible danger, are urging people to be careful, to be careful. Sometimes dreams about the accident are implemented through a desire to punish yourself. And if you saw family or friends that have been in an accident, it may indicate an unconscious aggression towards them. What they say about such dreams a famous dream books?

What dreams crash

What dreams crash

English dream interpretation

A dream that you were in an catastrophe and even injured, portends personal grief, which can be cured only with time. But if it is a sea adventure, you have to find true love.

Oriental dream book

Very seriously, if, during a dream of an accident you were in a plane or car with someone already deceased friends or relatives. All planned trips should be postponed.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you’re in a dream become a party to the accident, the subconscious warns you about a possible difficult situation. You can become a victim of fraud or a liar. Be careful when deciding financial or commercial matters. Also the accident in a dream can prejmenovat conflict, which will detect enemies and ill-wishers. If you are injured in a disaster, will have to endure the humiliation and betrayal. Just watch the incident-side involves dealing with narrow-minded and blunt person.

Summer dream

This interpreter of dreams incident heralds the collapse of hopes and endeavors.

Small dream book of Veles

Confirms that this dream is a harbinger of conflict and frustration. But such unpleasant events will happen only if the accident was accompanied by a fire.

Spring dream interpretation

The discord in the relationship with the beloved.

This dream portends a crazy fatal attraction to the man with extraordinary appearance and actions. Passion will seize you both, bringing moments of happiness that will never be forgotten.

Dream Meridian

If you dream you are involved in an accident, it is necessary to reduce the claim to the world, to slow down the pace in the race of life. Stop and analyze plans for the future, not jump into the pool with his head. Can prevent personal problems that will have to endure.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Here it differentiates types of disasters: what you dream of accident on car or by air. In the first case, the dream warns about failures and conflicts, and the second – on the destruction of the main goals in life.

The newest dream book

Sleep says that during the week it is not necessary to use transport, and a night you want to spend in the family circle.

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