Dream interpretation: what does the abduction in a dream?

Harassment and kidnapping is always accompanied by the fear of death and panic from the fact that the victim may not be able to escape. Theft of items is also very unpleasant event in my life. How to understand the vision that dooms us to such experiences? Let us examine the dream of the kidnapping.

what dream abduction

Dream interpretation what dreams hijack

A modern dream book

According to this source, the interpretation of dreams if you dream you are taking part in the kidnapping of someone, it means that you are aiming for a fellowship or are seriously thinking about marriage.

If night vision you dream of, how do you kidnap a child, be calm, this dream portends favorable family unit and a bright future. If the plot of the dream is that you make plans to kidnap a famous person, such a dream should be interpreted as dissatisfaction with the current state of Affairs. This vision also symbolizes the inner protest against the existing system.

Dream Interpretation Lofa David

According to this predictor, the method of abduction in dreams is quite a strong symbol, because it is closely linked concepts such as violence and power. How to interpret David Loff what dreaming of kidnapping?

If in a dream kidnap you personally, this dream should be interpreted depending on the conditions of captivity, and your behavior in this situation. If you dream you realize that the kidnapper is your friend, it means that you will find some kind of trap in real life.

If the plot of the dream you are trying to help their kidnappers, it means that in reality something is threatening your independence. You will not be able to manage the situation and make decisions on their own.

From where and you are caught, you should understand which areas of your life indicates the subconscious. It is in these areas of life need to be careful and think about every step.

ABC of the interpretation of dreams

According to this dream book, a kidnapping in the plot of the dream should be regarded as a warning. A dream in which you against your will move from where you are, is the warning that someone can infringe on your independence or freedom.

If you kidnap not alone, but with someone else, this night vision indicates that some decisions will be made for you, personal problems or cases will be solved in your back. If you dream you personally play the role of kidnapper, which means that in reality you are trying to absolve themselves of responsibility for their actions.

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