To dream of a ring with a stone

Rings with shining stones, very beautiful and rich decoration. What the future promises a dream in which appeared a ring with a stone, you can learn from dreams.

What a dream ring

What a dream ring

The Russian dream book

What a dream ring with a stone: with one big – and unexpected experience; with a scattering of small – to sadness and tears. Smooth ring dream to marry or getting married, damaged to the change of the second half.

Esoteric dream book

Had a ring with a stone promise the sorrow; the ring is a token of broken dreams; old – to a fateful meeting with a future love partner.

Ukrainian dream book

To dream of a ring with a stone to work best; smooth – to a wedding feast, to new acquaintances, the completion of the family; the gold – fortunately; broken – in monetary or property losses.

Losing the ring – the breakup, to give to the loss.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Dreaming ring is a symbol of true friendship or happy marriage, with a stone – signifies power, honour and respect. Loss of ring dream to sever relations, finding or receiving a gift and promises new connections.

A modern dream book

Seen in a dream ring – a badge of honor, according to the heir; with a large diamond – important promises of Dating and relationships, beneficial, and useful work; the iron – to hard work and sorrow. Copper – to joyful events; silver – secret longing and sorrow; gold is for the wedding.

Giving a ring to love explanations; get a gift – a signal of the need to be careful; to watch them – to quarrels or broken relationships.

Online dream book

To dream of a ring with a stone – to the early realization of cherished dreams, you will be surrounded by attention and respect, will be easy to communicate with people. The ring was worn on the thumb or the index finger – are you faithful to his promises; on average – to faithfulness in marriage; on the ring – to lasting friendship; on the little finger, to a good family life.

Dream interpretation depending on the stone in the ring: diamond promises a new successful business relations, well-being, a good investment and great surprises or weddings and harmonious marriage. Turquoise promises that you will become the pride of your family; Rubin warns of excessive jealousy of a loved one.

Emerald predicts that your love will see everything except the object of affection; the sapphire signifies the incredible luck and implementation of all plans; pearl promises fulfillment of desires and pleasant surprises from a loved one.

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