To dream of a mosque – a dream interpretation

The mosque is a sacred Shrine of Muslims. In many dream books a mosque in a dream means safety, happiness and comfort. In rare cases, this dream may portend hard work.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

mosque in a dream

Mosque in dream — dream interpretation

If in the dream you looked at the mosque, be prepared that in the coming days will occur an unfortunate incident. Like a dream in the night from Friday to Saturday, informs you about hard work.

The newest dream book

The mosque is an alarming sign. You need to be honest, not cunning and not resort to cheating. Otherwise you will have huge trouble.

A modern dream book

Admire the building of the mosque in the dream – life, the interesting events occur. If you are a businessman, this dream suggests that you need to communicate more with people. Money and material wealth is not the most important thing in life. To build a mosque – heavy work, the result of which will please you. If you’re in a dream praying in the mosque, it means that your loved ones are a cold attitude towards you. But you yourself are to blame. Correct their mistakes, and their attitude towards you will change.

Dream Interpretation Caratula

To dream of the mosque – to the search for the spiritual ideals. You will be looking for something sublime in life and will be doing a lot of good people around you.

Islamic dream interpretation

If your dream house will become a mosque, you will become an honest and brave man. You will have to enlighten others to open their eyes to the truth. If a woman dream that she was praying in the temple, she will give birth to a male child.

Dream Interpretation Avdeevoj

To dream of a mosque – the spiritual maturation and growth. You will be internally strong person, who is not afraid of difficulties and obstacles in life. In the Church to pray or to listen carefully to the instructions, you will have the power to overcome internal and external evil. The calmness of your soul will not haunt the tumultuous external events, and the injustice of the world. If in the dream you clearly hear the call to prayer from the minaret, meaning you’ll do a lot of good absolutely free.

Muslim dream interpretation

Mosque in a dream – a symbol of joy, happiness and pleasure in the near future. If in the dream you went inside the temple, the fate will save you from all misfortunes, troubles and troubles. Your life will flow peacefully, quietly and happily.

The dream dictionary from A to z

If you dream you watched the majestic building of the mosque, this suggests that you aspire for spiritual perfection. You understand the importance of the inner spiritual life and put a lot of effort to overcome your bad qualities.

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