What does a dream in which you see a long black braid: dream interpretation

In real life, long and thick braid has always been a symbol of feminine beauty, charm and good health. A harbinger of what is scythe in the dream, try to deal with the most popular dream books that have tips on almost all occasions.

Dream scythe

What dreams the black braid?

The Jewish dream book

In the interpretation of this dream, the scythe in a dream foretells for women life changes and gossip of others. For men such a dream could mean inconsistency in his actions, a high suspicion and a tendency to question everything. It may be time to reconsider your attitude to life.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

This source gives his interpretation of what dreams about a black scythe. This vision for women heralds an ambulance financial return and benefits, and promiscuity Kosa can mean a long journey. To cut braided hair in a dream — to parting with a loved one. Men spit in the dream means that it was a great opportunity to be deceived by woman.

Russian dream book

If a person has neatly braided hair, then his or her Affairs are in order. In the near future you can expect handsome bonuses, rewards and rewards for a job well done. Not excluded additional regalia and authority, as well as a successful career.

The dream dictionary from A to z

This source explains what a dream long braid. Such a vision means long-term success on the love front. Short hair, on the contrary, predict only the short-term and long separation. Braid the hair of children means good savings, if you follow good advice. Dissolved braids indicate impending financial problems.

Star dream interpretation

For young unmarried girls spit in a dream foretells passionate relationship with an interesting guy. Your enthusiasm will be mutual, and might result in something more than the usual flirting.

Esoteric dream book

Women’s braids in night dreams symbolizes the long journey that will be quite direct and unimpeded. Braid the hair of unmarried girls means a quick wedding, and family, on the contrary, quick divorce. If the pre-long-hair combed, so all these events will happen against your will.

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