A bouquet of flowers in a dream – dream interpretation to what it

Dream books says that the bouquet is often a dream as auspicious. But a large role in interpretation played by specific flowers from which it is composed, and what exactly you do with this bouquet.

A bouquet of flowers

A bouquet of flowers

Dream interpretation for the whole family

If a man saw in a dream bouquet, so be ready to quarrel with his beloved. Perhaps he will be able to prevent such a turn of events. If you dream you destroyed the bouquet, it means that subconsciously you want to break existing love relationship. If a man was collecting or buying a bouquet in the dream, he has a date with a stunning woman.

Flower color is also important. White flowers in a bouquet – love can make you a lot to reconsider in the life, yellow – separation or rupture. If you give a bouquet of red flowers, be careful. Soon you will be offered a good deal, but in any case do not agree to it. In the end it will bring you nothing but trouble.

Women’s dream book

Open women’s dreams: a beautiful bouquet of flowers is a symbol of happy love or a new acquaintance. If the girl in the dream was presented with a bouquet, let her happy. Her love will not remain unanswered.

Ukrainian dream book

Bouquet in a dream – fortunately in your personal life or a pleasant acquaintance. If it was fresh, you will find joy and success. If wilted – to change.

French dream book

To see the bouquet of flowers in a dream – to receive false reports. But if you held it in your hands or put near, your desires and dreams will become a reality.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Of great importance is the appearance of colors, of which was made up the bouquet in her sleep. A bunch of twigs of lilac – up pleasant conversations with your loved one. You will be able to better understand the soul of his second half. If you are presented with a bouquet of lilacs, you have respect and love.

The lilies in the bouquet – a symbol of unbridled passions, which are difficult to keep. But if they were withered, waiting for you grief and sadness, as your feelings will remain unanswered. A bouquet of wild flowers – a nice foreshadowing. On your path of life will meet people with sincere and bright soul. It will be your best friend. Do not try to push him away, otherwise you will bitterly regret. A bouquet of roses, a signal that it’s time to start a new relationship.

Family dream book

If you dream of roses, open family dream: a beautiful bouquet of roses – a sign of happiness, success and recognition. This can refer both to personal life and public.

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